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Why Your Ormond Beach FL Home Needs Energy Efficiency

Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 10:30AM

Why Your Ormond Beach FL Home Needs Energy Efficiency

There is more to the bottom line of a new home than what you paid for it. One of the highest costs of home ownership is energy! Because of increasing utility costs to maintain a comfortable quality of life within our homes, homeowners are seeking innovative solutions to their energy problems, such as impeccable insulation, energy-efficient windows, properly sealed gaps, and more. Continue reading to learn how energy efficiency yields a better home and a higher quality of life!

Save Money Each Month

In Florida, homes are especially likely to consume higher amounts of energy to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. However, you may be spending more on your energy bills if cooler air escapes from your home or if your HVAC system struggles to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the home. Energy efficient homes save you hundreds on energy bills by keeping your indoor temperatures trapped inside completely while fighting off outside temperatures. Besides some improvements to home features like windows, simple upgrades like weather-stripping and programmable thermostats can also impact your utility bill.

Tax Incentives

Local, state, and federal government agencies offer some incentives such as tax credits and rebates which are intended to encourage the use of energy-efficient products and techniques. Though updating your home to be more energy efficient may have some manageable up-front costs, these incentives help offset that price tag with long term benefits. Before investing in home improvements, consider researching whether or not your home changes qualify for tax help.

Live More Comfortably than Ever

Florida’s year-round tropical climate is part of what makes our lifestyle so enviable. However, the heat can be especially oppressive during the spring and summer months. Energy efficient homes are better at keeping every indoor space at the same temperature, which means there will be less temperature fluctuation and less likelihood of some rooms getting warmer than others. Plus, an efficient air filtering system can reduce the number of allergens and dust in the air, which has a direct benefit on your health as well.

Increase Home Value

According to a recent survey of homeowners, the most desirable element in a home is Energy Star-rated appliances and the third ranked element is an Energy Star rating for the entire home. Many home buyers are prioritizing energy efficiency because its plethora of benefits are becoming increasingly apparent. When you add energy efficient features to your home, it will have a higher resale value if the time ever comes to sell because you will have a greater quantity of buyers bidding on your home.

Contributing to the Environment

Energy efficient homes use less power, which puts less carbon into the air from power plants burning coal or natural gas to power your home. Carbon is one of the largest factors driving climate change and according to the Department of Energy, dangerous fossil fuel supplies most residential energy. You may think that environmental concerns do not directly affect you, but energy efficiency is sure to make your life more comfortable while ensuring safety for our future generations.

When choosing a builder, it is important to work with one who understands the benefit of energy efficiency. Platinum Builders makes homes with floor plans that are perfect for any lifestyle and built for optimized energy efficiency so you can enjoy lifelong comfort and lower energy bills. Contact us today to learn more about our available homes and begin the rest of your life with us.

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