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What a Difference a Day Makes: 10 Easy Afternoon Projects to Try

Tue, Aug 22, 2017 at 12:10PM

What a Difference a Day Makes: 10 Easy Afternoon Projects to Try

Who said home improvement had to be time-consuming? While certain projects require days or even weeks to get just right, others can be done by dinner. You just need some inspiration and a bit of elbow grease to get you there!

Take a look at today’s blog as we share ten easy afternoon projects to try in your New Smyrna Beach home.

Get started on your garden

If you have a green thumb, but aren’t sure where to start, opt for simplicity! One afternoon is all you will need to make major headway on a garden oasis you love, whether that means a cozy corner of your backyard or a shade-laden lanai, surrounded by beautiful broad-leafed plants. Even if it’s raining outside, you can have fun potting succulents for a small but impactful dash of greenery wherever you want it.

Arrange your space by color

Whether it’s a bookshelf, pantry or shoe rack, organizing items by color is oddly therapeutic—and it can lead to some beautifully-arranged spaces!

Clean out your closet

Spend an afternoon trying on clothes and rediscovering old favorites, all while clearing up room for some new ones. This is the perfect alternative to outdoor plans should a summertime shower come your way.

Rework your furniture layout

A simple rearrangement of your living room furniture can make all the difference! Don’t be afraid to shift over your sofa or reconfigure your space, especially if the sun’s glare or other factors are making your current setup less-than-livable.

Craft upcycled candle creations

If you have a few candles that are all but melted away, consider de-potting them and giving them new life as bathroom organizers or handy pencil jars.

Design a cozy nook for Fido

Fido deserves a comfy spot to call his own! You can spend an afternoon designing a cozy nook for him with a bed and a handful of his favorite tug toys—place it under your staircase, in your walk-in hall closet, or anywhere else he likes to roam.

Rethink your workspace

Rethinking your workspace for the sake of boosting productivity is always a great idea! This might mean physical changes—shifting around your desk, facing it toward the window, etc.—as well as digital ones. You won’t need more than an afternoon’s worth of time to clear up your desktop or implement a new file organization system.

Paint something small

While you may not want to try painting an entire great room within one afternoon, small spaces are worth considering. Whether it’s a hallway bathroom or even your kitchen backsplash, a fresh coat of paint always makes an impression.

Add scents to your space

Looking for the perfect finishing touch to your space? Add some scents through the form of diffusers or your favorite candle collection. These airy aromas are perfect for helping transition your home into the fall months ahead.

Clear out your kitchen in a delicious way

Who said organization is boring? Clearing out your kitchen pantry and cupboards of old or unwanted ingredients can make way for sweet additions like cake mixes, cookies, and other treats you’ll want to bake right away.

Rome wasn’t built in a day—and neither was your home! While quality construction takes some time, the finished product gives you ample space to try out an array of quick, DIY projects you’re sure to love.

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