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Weathered Wood: A Coastal-Chic Choice for Your New Smyrna Beach Home

Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 10:55AM

Weathered Wood: A Coastal-Chic Choice for Your New Smyrna Beach Home

For a home that exudes coastal charm, you need elegant touches with a bit of beachy flair. Our solution? Weathered wood floors and accents that mirror the easygoing effect of the New Smyrna Beach shores.

Read on as we take a look at what makes this option perfect for coastal-chic homes—and how to use it in your own. Take a look.

A versatile look

Whether you know this rustic, white-gray wood as “whitewashed” or “distressed,” one thing is for sure—it packs a versatile appeal. The color is, by nature, subtle and unassuming (compared to rich, dark woods, for example) so it can blend well with a variety of décor schemes.

One of our favorite ways to use it, of course, is in beach-inspired spaces, where it looks right at home (almost as if it were reclaimed from the ocean or untouched driftwood…).

Perfectly unpolished

What makes weathered wood so appealing? A lot of it has to do with a “perfectly unpolished” style that goes well with today’s “less is more” design schemes. You don’t need gold accents and elegant tiled floors to make a statement; rather, subtle, understated looks can convey a quiet allure. The fact that this wood isn’t “perfect” (its color varies across its surface, creating a unique, one-of-a-kind visual texture) means that it would work great in more casual, earthy spaces, or as the complement to more modern ones.

Add an accent

Not ready to use weathered wood as your go-to flooring just yet? Opt for accents to get used to the style—nightstands, a media center, maybe even a coffee table to round out your room.

Pairs well with…

Wondering how to use weathered wood in your home? There’s a myriad of ways, but we like to pair it with colors of the ocean—beautiful but subdued blues, beiges, yellows and other shades that seem right at home next to the softness of the wood.

Interested in incorporating this beach-inspired look in your custom Platinum Home? It’s just one of many lux options you’ll browse through at our design studio—just come in or call today, and we’ll get you started on finding the look that’s perfect for you.

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