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Warming Up with a Fireplace: What to Know

Tue, Nov 29, 2016 at 9:00AM

Warming Up with a Fireplace: What to Know

Fireplaces are a wintertime staple—and they’re not just for those places that see snow every year, either! In addition to the warm and cozy feel a fireplace can provide, it can also bring style and a feeling of home to your space.

See why we love fireplaces so much below!

The focal point you’ve been missing

Even when it’s not in use, a fireplace can tie the entire room together. When family and friends walk into the room, the fireplace is often the first thing their eyes see—it’s a sturdy feature that can anchor an entire room, which is especially helpful for those homeowners who aren’t quite sure how to make a statement in their space.

Of course, as a focal point, your fireplace works well throughout the year—even when temperatures outside are soaring!

A cozy ambiance that can’t be beat

The unbeatably cozy ambiance that a fireplace provides can’t be beat. The warmth it gives off and the homey, nostalgic feeling you get as you watch the flames flicker is hard to describe—but once you experience it, it’s even harder to live without! For family dinners, holiday get-togethers and other at-home occasions, that ambiance is exactly what you need.

A design feature that lends itself to any style

When many of us think of fireplaces, our minds will jump to the traditional look—a brick hearth, a square opening and a proper mantel with all of the adornments. We love this look, too—but it’s not the only way to build a fireplace! Whether your look is more modern, coastal, or cottage-inspired, there’s a fireplace design that will work for you and your home.

Warmth when you want it most

Of course, we can’t forget about the primary feature of the fireplace—the irresistible warmth! Like we mentioned earlier, Florida isn’t a snowy state—but it can see its share of cool, brisk nights. During these nights, your family will love gathering around the fireplace and basking in its alluring warmth.

Working a fireplace into your new home construction will add a one-of-a-kind atmosphere to your space—and it might be easier than you think! Call us today to learn more about starting your own home construction project with Platinum.









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