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Warming Up to Fall Fun in Your New Smyrna Beach Home

Sun, Oct 01, 2017 at 12:40PM

Warming Up to Fall Fun in Your New Smyrna Beach Home

Here in Florida, fall often means waiting anxiously for that first 60-degree day to pull out your boots and enjoy the quintessentially cool autumn experience.

We’re right there with you! While the temperature change may be a long time coming, however, we’ve got you covered for when it finally arrives. Take a look at today’s blog for a few easy (and cozy) ways to stay warm in your New Smyrna Beach home this season.

Spend time by the fireplace

The crackling of a warm fire is emblematic of fall (and everything we love about it!). Sure, temperatures in Florida may not drop low enough that you need a fireplace to stay warm, but spending time around yours (during family dinners or while watching your favorite Halloween movie) can make you feel warm at heart.

Switch out your curtains

To create the feeling of a warmer space for fall, the solution might be as simple as switching out your curtains. Swapping out your window sheers or blinds for heavier, more ornately-textured drapes, for example, adds an extra layer of warmth and coziness to your space.

Lay out your favorite quilts and throws

Speaking of coziness… you can’t beat the comfort of your favorite seasonal linens, set out to enjoy on cool fall afternoons. We all have a favorite throw blanket or handmade quilt we keep in the attic during the summer months. Don’t forget to take yours out and drape a few pieces over your living room armchair or the foot of your bed for a warm and cozy texture family and friends are sure to love.

Try a change of texture

It’s surprising how a simple change of texture can make your room feel much warmer and cozier. If you have a velvet armchair or handknit tablecloth, now is the time to bring out those accents and add a sense of snug comfort to your space.

Bake, bake, bake

This last option is, of course, the most delicious way to warm up your space. Spend a day baking with the family—anything from gooey brownies to sweet, decadent chocolate chip cookies—to add a physical sense of warmth to your space, as well as the emotional warmth that goes along with good food and even better company. There’s no better way to make yourself feel at home this fall.

No winter coat? No problem… with these easy ideas, you’ll feel warm, cozy, and ready to enjoy the season ahead!

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