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Turn up the Heat with an Outdoor Fire Pit

Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 9:00AM

Turn up the Heat with an Outdoor Fire Pit

A fireplace can turn any patio or backyard into a special gathering place for family and friends.

If you are thinking about building a fire pit in your backyard, here are some things to consider and some wonderful design ideas to help you get started.


Cost:  Depending on your budget, building an outdoor fire pit can either be affordable or very costly. Things to consider include the size of the fire pit you want, the types of materials, and what accessories you want to surround your fire pit, like seating.

Permanent vs Portable: Do you want a permanent seating area or something that you can move around the backyard and even take with you on trips?

Wood vs Gas: Some people love making a fire and the smell of burning logs, not to mention smores, but if you're not the type to want to deal with that hassle, a gas fire pit might work better for you.

Platform: What are you going to put your fire pit on?  It's best to set it on a natural surface such as gravel, stone, concrete or brick.  Stay away from your wooden deck.

Location: Sometimes, you'll need to get your fire pit plans inspected and approved.  Check with local administrators before starting to build it.


Design Ideas:

Arrangement: How do you want to arrange your seating?  How many seats? This will help you decide the size and shape of your pit.

Earthy/Natural:  Using stones will keep the fire pit looking earthy and natural.

Sculpture:  If you want a unique art piece, check out some sculptural fire pits.

Sunken: You can build your fire pit into the ground to make it appear as if the flames are coming from the floor.  Or you can turn your whole sitting area into a sunken area to make it a little more private and secluded.

Fire wall:  Build a long fire pit against a wall and watch the flames flicker and dance throughout the evening ensuring it will be the focal point of your sitting area.

Coffee Table: A decent sized fire pit can be the perfect coffee table to complete your sitting area.

Wall and Pit in One:  If you want to create a wall barrier around your sitting area, place the fire pit within the wall and enjoy the added benefit of saving space.

At the flick of a switch, a fire pit will entice you outdoors even if there is a chill in the air and leave your guests with the wow factor all year long.


We hope that these ideas help you achieve a cozy outdoor space where you and your loved ones will spend many evenings to come.



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