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Transform Your Spare Room with These 6 Functional Room Ideas

Tue, Feb 16, 2021 at 10:00AM

Transform Your Spare Room with These 6 Functional Room Ideas

Whether you have just upgraded to a bigger home with Platinum Builders or a family member has flown the nest, you may have recently found yourself with a spare room or extra space that you do not know how to utilize. Often times, these rooms simply become storage areas, but clever ideas abound for how to transform these spaces into something more practical and useful for your everyday life! Make the most of your newfound spaces with these 6 functional room ideas.

Home Theater

Perfect for every film buff, a home theater is an ideal use of your spare room! Cinema aficionados will be able to bring their hobby away from the main TV and truly indulge in a space designed for their passion. Add comfy furniture for lounging on and set the scene with a big screen TV or projector screen. Then, kick back and relax with your favorite movie candy or popcorn.

Guest Bedroom

Perhaps a more obvious use of your spare room, a guest bedroom can be the perfect idea for homeowners who regularly host friends and family. Having this kind of room at the ready for visitors will save you the stress of switching rooms or blowing up air mattresses when the time comes for guests to get some sleep. Turn your home into a destination for others with a luxurious guest bedroom!

Home Office

A functional office space is useful in any home, but especially for those who have been able to bring their work home. By having your own office, you can have a place to store things like your computer, printer, and paperwork that often take over the house while also having peace and quiet while doing your work. Plus, having a clear boundary between your work and home lives is vital to maintaining a sense of peace and happiness.

Dressing Room

Have you been looking for more places to store your excess clothes or shoes? Turn your spare room into your very own walk-in wardrobe! Besides acting as a place to try on any number of outfits, dressing rooms are also a practical location to store all your clothes, accessories, and products that are otherwise cluttering up your bedroom.

Reading Room

If you like to spend your free time getting lost in a fantastical novel, you will certainly benefit from utilizing your spare room as a reading getaway. With the simple addition of a comfy armchair, a cozy lamp, and a fully stocked bookcase, your new reading room can be the ideal way to escape from the hustle and bustle of life while absorbing your favorite books.

Games Room

Whether you need to entertain little ones or indulge your inner child, a game room is a sure-fire way to have your very own entertainment space to invite friends and family to. From billiards to dominoes and board games to video games, your very own game room will draw the envy of all your neighbors. This way, you will always have an escape from the rest of the world right inside of your own home.

Owning your own home means having the luxury of designing each space the way you want to fit your lifestyle, including your passions and hobbies. With these spare room ideas, you can elevate your home to something truly extraordinary that you will be happy to call your own for years and years to come. Platinum Builders builds luxurious homes that come loaded with lavish features and spacious rooms that can accommodate any use. Contact us today to learn more about our available homes and see how your lifestyle fits right in.

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