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Top Amenities to Add to Ormond Beach Homes

Thu, Feb 24, 2022 at 10:35AM

Top Amenities to Add to Ormond Beach Homes

In Ormond Beach, you’ll find some of the most beautifully designed homes in the country. However, beautiful design does not always equate to functionality and livability. Things like layout, storage, and multi-functional space can often be overlooked in the design process. 

With that in mind, here are the top six amenities to add to Ormond Beach homes.

1. An Eat-In Kitchen

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Maximizing this space with an eat-in design is a wonderful way to make your kitchen multi-functional. Eat-in kitchens don’t just add space for eating – they are also perfect for other activities like working or crafting. 

Having this flexible space allows multiple family members to enjoy the kitchen whether they are cooking or not!

2. Functional Walk-In Closets

Many homeowners today expect at least one walk-in closet. However, not all walk-in closets are created equal. For example, galley-style walk-ins provide space but can be difficult to maneuver in. They also don’t allow a lot of flexibility for storage options. 

Designing a walk-in closet with smart storage and the perfect layout makes the most of every square inch. With the right floor plan, it’s easy to find and store your belongings. 

3. Storage Space

There’s rarely a thing as too much storage space. No one likes transitioning an extra bedroom to a storage room – or even worse, turning to an off-site storage facility.

Today, home storage has advanced way beyond adding more kitchen cabinets or shelving units to bedrooms and closets. Homeowners can add creative storage options that are both functional and beautiful

Adding storage under beds, under the stairs, or on floating shelves are great ways to blend design and aesthetic appeal. 

4. Patio

In Ormond Beach, residents can enjoy their outdoor space year-round. A patio adds a great amount of value to a home, allowing homeowners to get more utility out of their outdoor spaces. 

A well-designed patio can function as a family gathering space, an entertainment space, and a private oasis. In addition, patios are highly customizable so they can be designed to match the aesthetic of any home and the taste of any homeowner.

5. Energy-Efficient Lighting

Energy efficiency is becoming more important in communities across the country. Particularly in larger homes, lighting can be a significant contributor to monthly energy consumption. 

Instead of continually worrying about turning off lights, an investment in energy-efficient lighting can make a big difference. Homeowners can have the best of both worlds and enjoy their lighting while also reducing their energy costs and carbon footprint.

6. Spacious Laundry Room

Laundry is already a low-ranking favorite on the chore list. It can be made even worse in a laundry room that is too small or lacking in storage space. 

Laundry rooms should have room to complete the full cleaning process, including sorting, treating stains, hanging, folding, and more. Adding a small amount of square footage along with smart storage to a laundry room can make a world of difference.

Discover the Best Features of Ormond Beach Homes

Whether you are adding amenities to an existing home or looking to design a brand-new home from scratch, these top amenities can add a tremendous amount of functionality and value to your living space.

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