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Top 4 Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Custom Home

Sun, Mar 03, 2019 at 12:25PM

Top 4 Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Custom Home

You’ve likely heard the term “curb appeal” in both casual and business conversation. Once used almost exclusively by REALTORs® marketing homes to clients, more Central Florida homeowners have now embraced this concept, and are reaping the real benefits of creating powerful curb appeal on their properties.

The fact is, maintaining a home that’s functional and aesthetically pleasing is a rewarding pastime. In addition, keeping your home up to date (both inside and out) helps ensure the long-term safety and well-being of your family members and pets.

The trouble is, with work, school, and life obligations, it can often be difficult to maximize time spent beautifying your residence. Thankfully, there are ways to keep your home in top shape all year long, with minimal effort that produces maximum results. Use these tips to get started:

1) Focus on Entryways

Your walkway and front door form the first impression visitors to your home will get. So, it’s essential to create a welcoming and inviting ambiance from the start. Choose a stylish doormat that reflects your unique personality. You could also paint your front door with a vibrant color. This sets a positive mood from the start.

Placing seasonal potted flowers and plants is another great way to add color and interest. You could also get creative with displaying your house numbers and/or family name. There are many do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas to help you achieve this goal.

At night-time (or on cloudy days), walkway lighting serves dual-function: improving visibility while displaying a peaceful and hospitable atmosphere. Don’t forget that your home builder also has creative and innovative ideas to make your front entrance stand out to guests.

2) Make Landscaping a Priority

Some people don’t give much thought to the way their front yard appears. The reality is that people are judging you and your personality by what they view from the outside of your home. More importantly, psychologists say coming home to a residence that’s visually-appealing helps boost mood, improve confidence, and contribute to overall mental and even physical well-being.

More than simply placing a few plants or flowers, landscape design aims to incorporate all elements of your property. That includes your mailbox, porch, and surrounding area, such as walkways. Add interest by including other visual styles such as raised flower beds, trees and shrubs, water features, and hardscaping.

Architectural details on your home can also make a positive impact. That includes balconies, stylish shutters, and other ideas. Working with skilled and qualified custom home builders, you’ll come up with many more ideas to add interest and value to your property.

3) Add Interesting Backyard Features

One of the major benefits of today’s custom homes is the all-around comfort and enjoyment they provide. Along with in-home features and aesthetic landscape design ideas, adding innovative elements to your backyard provides tailored enjoyment for you and your family.

For example, pool enclosures help keep dirt and debris from entering your pool, while at the same time keeping kids and pets safe inside a well-defined space. Other options to add interest to your backyard include pergolas, inviting patios, fences, carports, awnings, and similar.

You could also include texture to boost the visual appearance of your exterior property. That includes stone or brick pavers, home siding, and more.

4) Stretch Your Imagination  

These are just a few of the many ideas you could put into action to make your home stand out to friends, loved ones, and visitors. In your custom home, it’s simple and fun to get all the things you’ve always wanted in a residence, while setting aside those things you don’t need or have no interest in. The first step is to partner with home builders in New Smyrna Beach, Florida with a proven track record of success and outstanding customer service.

For more than 25 years, we’ve built a solid reputation as an outstanding builder in the Venetian Bay community of New Smyrna Beach and the Hunter’s Ridge neighborhood of Ormond Beach. Using only the highest quality materials and delivering a consistently-stellar customer experience, we’re proud to be known as one of the area’s very best builders. Contact us today to get started on a custom home where you’ll feel comfortable and content for years to come.

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