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The Ins and Outs of Florida Verandas

Mon, Jan 02, 2017 at 9:35AM

The Ins and Outs of Florida Verandas

When the great outdoors are calling, but you still prefer the comfort of being under your own roof, a veranda seamlessly offers you the best of both worlds.

This is a home feature we love for its versatility and easy, elegant style that can make any home feel like a getaway. If you’re considering featuring a veranda in your custom home, take a look at today’s blog and see what makes it so special!

Versatility in design

When you’re building your home, you might not be exactly sure what design style you plan to follow—Mediterranean? Ultra modern? Cottage traditional? Fortunately, when it comes to building a veranda, you can be confident that you’re adding a feature that will blend seamlessly with any look (or with your home’s changing moods throughout the years ahead!). While certain architectural styles (such as Spanish Colonial) make use out of the veranda, it’s not a requirement—after all, what home wouldn’t benefit from some added outdoor space?

You also get to enjoy versatility in how you use your veranda. It can be an outdoor dining room, an extension of your home’s living space, or even a cool spot to watch the big game.

Practical weather protection

Unlike a typical patio covering, a veranda features a large roof with great coverage from the elements—so you can enjoy the feeling of being outdoors, minus the rain or excessive sun.

A continuation of your home

Even large homes can start to feel crowded through the years, leaving you itching for a new space to call your own. Fortunately, by including a veranda in your initial home construction, you can rest easy knowing that the infamous yearning for more space never comes. You can dress up your veranda with the same smart design you utilize indoors, making it feel like a true continuation of your home rather than just another outdoor space.

Are you building a custom home in 2017? Count on Platinum Builders to deliver the dream home you’ve been waiting for. We’ll work to embrace your vision—for verandas, open floor plans, and everything in between.

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