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The Evolution Of The Top Design Trends From Ormond Beach Homes

Fri, Dec 17, 2021 at 5:12PM

The Evolution Of The Top Design Trends From Ormond Beach Homes

As the preferences and requirements of individuals and families change over time, the way homes are designed continues to evolve as well. Homeowners look for convenience and style to go hand in hand these days and home builders around the country try to keep up with that by designing homes that suit the times.


From more energy-efficient windows and doors to endless options of flooring and tiles, design trends in Ormond Beach homes have evolved tremendously over time.


The heart of the home: Kitchens

Where kitchens used to be designed strictly to meet the needs of cooking and preparing food, over the decades and more so in recent years, they are designed as a room where the family comes together. Kitchens have become more elaborate with their design and functionality and remain the most-frequented room in most households. Open kitchens blending into living rooms and dining rooms is a very common design now and most custom builders have found creative ways to incorporate that design trend into their plans.


The need for home offices

Studies, libraries, and office spaces have been a common concept in homes but never has the demand for home offices been more important. In the past year or two, as more and more people have turned towards carrying on with their careers from home, the desire to have an office space that is modern, well-lit, and functional has increased enormously. Custom home builders are keeping that requirement in mind as they design plans that have rooms built specially to suit families that have one or more people working from home.


Open floorplans and flexible rooms
Families, couples, seniors and students – everyone today is looking for living spaces that are open and spread out as opposed to every room being closed off by doors and walls. From the entrance lobby area to the kitchen and all the living room space in between, designers are creating plans that showcase breathable and open spaces with flexible rooms that can be used for anything from a nursery to a study to a studio. Floor plans and design trends are all becoming flexible and informal enough for families to customize homes according to their diverse needs. 

Outdoor living spaces

Outdoor living spaces go beyond the backyard or the simple patio requirement now. Outdoor living spaces have evolved into areas where you can relax, entertain, cook, and watch the game. From sliding doors to screened-in porches, outdoor areas in the home have evolved to accommodate all the needs and trends of today’s age. Families like to spend evenings and cooler months outdoors and look forward to purchasing homes that have that kind of design or the space to create it when the time and budget allow them to.

To find your perfect Ormond Beach home that is modern, functional, and luxurious, contact Platinum Builders today. From our designs to building and completion, you can trust us to cater to all the needs that you have in your new custom-built home.

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