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Taking Your Custom Kitchen to the Next Level

Sun, Apr 09, 2017 at 3:10PM

Taking Your Custom Kitchen to the Next Level

Warm, bustling, and always alive with good eats and delicious smells, the kitchen is where things happen.

Decisions are made, laughs are shared, and many a good piece of advice is handed down over bowls of ice cream.

Your kitchen is destined for great things—you just have to design it!

Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks to help make your kitchen the heart of your home you’ve always wanted. See today’s blog for our best ideas on how to take your custom kitchen to the next level.

Mesh “gourmet” with “carefree”

While the word “gourmet” may evoke ideas of an elegant five-star kitchen, impeccably neat and devoid of any touches of home, that’s just not the case—in fact, if anything, gourmet kitchens are perfect for facilitating the kind of carefree family time you’ve been craving. Gourmet features include elegant countertops that are as pretty as they are easy to clean; appliances that add to the design of your kitchen, instead of taking away from it; spacious surfaces on which to eat, work, and experiment; and more. By using these unique custom features to add to your kitchen, you’ll simultaneously be making room for easy family enjoyment, too.

Opt for a multipurpose space

Your kitchen isn’t an in-and-out sort of space, where people come to cook and leave promptly after. Rather, it should be an area that works and breathes with the family, providing the tools necessary for tasty meals and baked goods, while also supplying ample room for activities that may not be strictly culinary in nature (like homework, playtime, etc.). You can accomplish this dual nature through the addition of spacious surfaces like a custom island or breakfast nook where food, books, playing cards, and just about everything else are welcome.

Embrace current trends

If you’re designing a custom kitchen, don’t forget about the precious opportunity to put current trends to the test! Renovating a current kitchen to reflect the times may seem time-consuming and unnecessary—but in contrast, building up a modern, innovative kitchen from scratch is quite the worthwhile endeavor! Whether you embrace trends such as foregoing upper cabinets, or utilizing minimalist, one-touch hardware, your kitchen (and home) will reflect that innovative mindset.

Turn to takeout

Your favorite restaurant isn’t just good for takeout on the weekends—it can also provide you with plenty of ideas to put to use in your own kitchen! You may not have an industrial space, but you can imitate features of your favorite place (like its over-sized dishes for family-style dinners, or quaint tablecloths that blend tradition with more modern design) in your kitchen with ease.

As you imagine your custom home, you can count on Platinum Builders to help carry out your ideas and visions for your space to fruition. Call us today or browse through our gallery to learn more about the work we have done (and can do for you!).

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