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Spring Cleaning Guide for Your New Smyrna Beach Home

Sun, Mar 14, 2021 at 9:45AM

Spring Cleaning Guide for Your New Smyrna Beach Home

Just because the birds are chirping and flowers are blooming outside doesn’t mean that your home isn’t still stuck with winter blues. Spring cleaning is a natural tradition shared by many because we are less active and motivated during the colder days of winter, plus we stay inside more, which means our homes need some serious attention once the weather heats up. So much cleaning may seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be difficult, just follow this expert guide from Platinum Builders!

Compartmentalize Cleaning

The most effective way to break down your cleaning and make it less intimidating is to clean room by room. Before diving in with broom and gloves at the ready, create a cleaning checklist for each room to give yourself clear objectives for your spring cleaning, such as detailing the kitchen stove or scrubbing the bathtub. Focus on parts of your home that were neglected over the winter, especially.

Declutter and Reorganize

An integral part of spring cleaning is getting rid of the clutter that has accumulated over winter. We recommend utilizing a systematic approach to guide your efforts:

  1. Identify problem areas
  2. Analyze reasons for the clutter
  3. Determine solutions
  4. Implement remedies

Sort your belongings into four categories – trash, giveaway, store, or put away – to expedite your decluttering efforts.

All Hands on Deck

Spring cleaning is not a solo endeavor and trying to take these tasks head-on by yourself may be overwhelming. Fortunately, it is easy to delegate tasks to every member of your family! Assign age-appropriate chores so that everyone feels included, even the little ones. Then, throw on some music for everyone to enjoy while they clean or even establish household rewards as an incentive for everyone to do their part.

Confront All Seasonal Chores

Certain seasons require specific cleaning tasks. For spring especially, outdoor chores come to the forefront after months of neglect. Once the weather is warmer, it is important to get outside and clean the grill, patio, and window exteriors – among other things – so that your home is feeling refreshed for spring and summer. Also, put away all your winter clothing, bedding, and décor before pulling out all your spring items to truly embrace the changing of seasons.

Minimize Your Cleaning Products

If you need to shop for new cleaning products for your spring checklist, keep the items to a minimum. Bringing home too many cleaning products can add to the clutter that you are trying to get rid of, plus you don’t need a lot to keep your home feeling fresh and clean. With good all-purpose cleaner and a new microfiber cloth, you already have everything you need to touch up most surfaces in your home. Only purchase other cleaning supplies as needed.

Build New Cleaning Habits

After completing your 2021 spring cleaning, embrace this opportunity to establish better cleaning habits for the next year. Everything you do throughout the year will make the next spring cleaning even easier. Consider taking 10 to 15 minutes each day tidying up your home so that the bulk of chores is reduced next spring. Getting into the habit of breaking up your cleaning into smaller and more manageable tasks will keep your home cleaner than ever before.

By following this guide, spring cleaning your New Smyrna Beach home will be easier than ever so that you can enjoy the features of your home to their fullest. To learn more about our premium home offerings in the area, contact Platinum Builders today. We are family owned and operated, meaning that your entire home construction process will have trust, integrity, and accountability throughout.

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