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Spice Up Your Dream Home - Design Trends For 2016

Fri, Oct 21, 2016 at 1:00PM

Spice Up Your Dream Home - Design Trends For 2016

Are you ready for the new home of your dreams? Take a look at some popular trends in interior design for this year. Whatever style you like, Platinum Builders will keep you on the forefront of new home design!

What's Sizzling in the Kitchen?

Open floor plans are a new must. Kitchens and living rooms are the central hub of the home and where family and friends will gather for years to come.

Closed off kitchens make your house look small. It also makes it hard to host parties due to restricted space. With an open kitchen plan, you can continue a conversation with friends and family with ease while cooking and preparing. Besides, opening the kitchen to the family room or living room will nearly double the size, at least by the looks of it!

Wood cabinets are great for an earthy feel. Even driftwood is becoming a popular accent this year. Cherry wood and oak seem to take preference among people, and combinations of complementary woods and wood stains are increasing in popularity. Not a wood person? No problem. Minimalistic white cabinets are a neutral and modern way to go.  And with white cabinets, you have room to choose bold hardware and accents to compliment them.

Speaking of accents, industrial metal seems to be taking the lead. Choose from bronze, nickel, chrome, copper or brass. From backsplashes and hanging fixtures to faucets and towel racks; metal finishes are perfect for a modern inviting space. 

Get Steamy in the Bathroom

Unwind from all the tech and chaos, and take a blast to the past in a freestanding tub.  Go with a vintage, old-fashioned look or even a modern, sculptural design. Either way, these tubs will give your bathroom a luxurious feel and will set the mood for relaxation. And don’t forget the candles.

Another major trend this year seems to be taking the outdoors and putting it indoors. There are many options to do this in your bathroom.  Create a serene bathroom by using woods and earthy materials like stones and marble.  If you're feeling bold, add actual plants, either hanging or potted plants or cascading creepers in your bathroom space.

Light it All Up

Chandeliers are in high demand this year. Big, bold and bright is the way to go. You want to pick a fixture that's abstract, modern or dramatic.  

With statement chandeliers, they'll add aesthetic to your home, even bathrooms and kitchens. It's no longer about the lighting; it's all about the art. 

LED lighting has become a top trend because they're practical and affordable. Bathroom, kitchen and even outdoors LED lighting is especially in strong demand. With colored LED lighting, you can transform any room into a much cooler room. Colored LED lighting can add your favorite colors to any room in the house for an instant mood setter. 

And you can never go wrong with a fireplace. Fireplaces are the centerpiece of the living room and most agree that fire provides warmth, romance, and intimacy. Transform a dusty, rusty fireplace into something chic and deck out the mantle with modern art and home accessories that capture the eye. 

Other Hot Styles

Color is key to setting the personality and environment of your home. Whether you want earthy tones or a coastal vibe, picking the right colors for your home is crucial. Some current trends are corals, to brighten up the home, or dark blues to add richness and drama to your home.

More space, more comfort. Sectional sofas are making a comeback. It doesn't matter if you're a small family that doesn't have company over often. After all, who doesn't love lounging on a huge couch after a long day?


Whatever new style trends are in vogue, look to Platinum Builders to craft a custom home that has a timeless design that will serve your family well for years to come!




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