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Simple Seasonal Touches for Your New Smyrna Beach Home

Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 2:10PM

Simple Seasonal Touches for Your New Smyrna Beach Home

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season—the time of year when we feel most warm, cozy, and at home. Why not usher in the spirit of cheer with a few simple, seasonal touches?

Take a look at today’s blog to see a few of our favorites!

Simple, natural flourishes

Fall and winter are more than seasons alone—they’re feelings, too, and bring about a sense of coziness you want to enjoy inside your home. Even if the weather outside is not quite cooperating, you can pick up natural seasonal flourishes like leaves and pine cones from the craft store—add them to decorative bowls for a simple look. When we get a little bit closer to the winter holidays, you can even add fake frost to your windows for a “just snowed” appearance the family (and kids especially) will love.

Handmade comforts

If you love to knit, now is your time to shine! Handmade touches like blankets or cozy embroidered pillows add both comfort and a sense of family to your home, since they are made by hand by you or someone you love.

Jingling bells

You don’t need an elaborate light show to provide your home with the holiday spirit! When used sparingly, jingling bells hung from your closet door or bathroom cabinets give a small but welcome burst of seasonal cheer.

Decorative desk

If you work on a glass-top desk, lift up the glass pane and sprinkle some colorful fall leaves on the desk’s surface. Once you put the glass back, you’ll have a no-fuss, redecorated desk perfect for inspiring your work with a cozy seasonal touch.

Seasonal tunes on demand

On-demand music is easier than ever to enjoy. Just pick up a Bluetooth speaker and keep it somewhere central—your kitchen, living room coffee table, etc. –and play your favorite holiday playlists whenever the mood strikes.

Common “scents”

We’ve covered sight and sound… but when it comes to prepping your home for the holidays, don’t forget about smell! Add seasonal scents to your space using candles or, better yet, DIY creations. Simply simmer a pot of water with orange rinds, apple peels, and cinnamon for one effortlessly quick scent that’s sure to fill up your home.

With these touches, your New Smyrna Beach Home is set to be a bona fide holiday destination—and with hardly any work at all, leaving you more time to kick back and enjoy your favorite seasonal treats.

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