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Should You Add a Secret Room to Your Custom Home?

Mon, May 30, 2022 at 6:56PM

Should You Add a Secret Room to Your Custom Home?

When you are building a custom home, you have a world of options and opportunities in front of you. The major benefit of going custom is that you can design the home in any way you want with few limitations.

One design element that is worth spending some time thinking about is the inclusion of a secret room. Secret rooms are no longer just for luxury homes. Custom home builders are receiving requests for secret rooms more frequently, and they can be seamlessly incorporated into your custom home design. 

If you aren’t sure if a secret room is right for your home, here are a few ways you and your family can use such a space!

Secret Playroom

If you have kids or are planning to, a secret room can be a wonderful place to set up a children's playroom. Secret rooms can stimulate the imagination and provide kids with a safe and comforting place to play. 

Secret playrooms can also be a fun place for children to host their friends and have playdates.

Private Den

Many homeowners want a den for a place to read, relax, and spend time away from the rest of the home. A secret room is a great way to elevate a regular den and make it more private and intimate. 

While homeowners love open floor plans, that doesn’t have to come at the expense of private spaces. Locating your den in a secret room keeps it private from guests and visitors, and creates a space that feels truly yours.

Hidden Office

Working from home can be a challenge if you have lots of activities going on within the house. Even if you have a dedicated office, the busyness of your home can be a big distraction. 

Setting up a hidden office in a secret room is a wonderful way to create a focus space and allow for separation between your working space and the rest of the home. You get the best of both worlds: access to the comfort and amenities of home without all of the distractions.

Security Room

While you hope you never need it, secret rooms can also offer protection in case of emergencies — from security concerns to strong wind events, like hurricanes and tornadoes. Secret rooms that are well-designed are nearly impossible to detect, so they can be safe havens for homeowners who need them. 

Some homeowners elect to outfit their security rooms with emergency supplies and hard-wired phones in case of an emergency. 

Aside from offering a safe hiding place, you can also store valuable goods in a secret room for added peace of mind while you are not home.

Meditation or Relaxation Room

Research is becoming more clear about the health benefits of meditation and actively de-stressing. Many homeowners are looking to create dedicated space for rest and relaxation aside from the bedroom. A secret room can provide the perfect solution!

Secret rooms can create a sense of calm and serenity that few other room types can. If sunlight is important to you, secret rooms can be created in an attic or other place in the home that has access to a window.

Work with Your Local Custom Home Builders to Create Your Own Secret Room

While secret homes are becoming more popular in all types of custom homes, that doesn’t mean that they can be incorporated into a home design as an afterthought. Make sure to find a quality home builder who has experience and can advise you on your options for incorporating a secret room into your home.

Throughout the design process, you may uncover additional uses for your secret room that you hadn’t thought of before. The options for your secret room are unlimited.

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