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Say "Hi" to High Ceilings in Your New Platinum Builders Custom Home

Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 1:15AM

Say "Hi" to High Ceilings in Your New Platinum Builders Custom Home

For a touch of timeless elegance, why not bring your custom home to new heights… literally?

The inclusion of high ceilings in your custom home can create a dramatic look—one that opens up your space in a big way. Take a look at today’s blog to see all the reasons why we love this classic feature!

A refined touch

When you imagine a luxurious space, your mind probably jumps to a stately, spacious room with ornate ceilings you can’t help but gaze up at. There’s a reason for that. Some of the world’s most famous architectural feats (from the Sistine Chapel to the Ancient Roman temples) have made use of this elevated style, as it lends itself to a sort of pomp and elegance that transcends cultures and generations.

Your home may not be as internationally recognized as these examples, of course, but it can still make use of their commitment to classic charm!

More room to decorate

High ceilings come with another practical benefit: more room with which to decorate! For large pieces of artwork and other elaborate displays, high ceilings often mean higher walls, too, so there’s more space for you to work with.

A chance to dress up your design

If you’ve dreamed about glittering chandeliers or fanciful ceiling designs, having higher ceilings can help you achieve them. Whatever design you opt for, having some added space between the ceiling and the floor can prevent the room from feeling too visually busy.


High ceilings aren’t just for two-story homes! They can work well in ranch style spaces and other one-story models—so that, either way, you never have to sacrifice that sense of openness and elevation.

There’s also versatility among the different types of high ceilings. Some run flat, and some are vaulted creating an intriguing visual cue to look up and admire the sloping ceiling. There’s no “one way” to make use of this architectural feature.

A welcome mental break

We know that our surroundings (like the presence of color) can affect us psychologically—so, too, can the height of your ceilings! One study conducted on the connection between mental state and ceiling height showed that people in rooms with taller ceilings were more creative, observant, and free-feeling than those in smaller spaces. So if you elect to include this kind of design in your custom home, you might just get to enjoy the added benefit of improved comfort and productivity, too!

High ceilings don’t just look good… they give you the chance to do more with your space! Be sure to ask your Platinum team about integrating this timeless touch into your own custom home.

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