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Rug Décor for Your Port Orange Home

Fri, Sep 30, 2016 at 1:20PM

Rug Décor for Your Port Orange Home

The right rug can warm up a space, add a pop of color, and provide much-needed texture for your floors—and that’s just the beginning!

We all know a great area rug when we see one—but are you unsure of how to choose the best shape and design for your space? In today’s blog, we will be looking at a few easy ways to choose rugs that incorporate style and function into your home this fall.

Know your space

Because every kind of space will call for a different kind of rug, get to know the spots you’re considering! Do you want a large area rug that can slip under your living room furniture, or do you prefer a runner that can dress up a narrow hallway space? Each answer will warrant a different style, so take your time and find a rug that works.

Choose a rug that suits your needs

Don’t forget about your family’s needs when picking out a rug. Even the most intricately-designed, beautiful rug might not work in high-traffic areas such as your home’s entryway, foyer or a busy central hallway. You want whatever rug you choose to look beautiful now and for years to come, so save the cleaner, less stain-friendly options for tucked-away spots like a master bedroom.

Use colors and patterns that balance out your space

When choosing color and pattern, opt for choices that balance out your space. If your living room is characterized by solid colors on your furniture and décor, for example, try mixing things up with a rug in a unique pattern. On the other hand, busy design schemes can be made more balanced when you add a sturdy solid color to the center of your space.

Don’t be afraid to layer

Layering rugs can provide your space with a unique, textured feel you can’t get with one rug or carpet on its own. You can layer a bright accent rug over traditional carpeting, for example, or add a shaggy white rug to a striped pattern below. It’s up to you!

Who would have thought that a simple rug could change your space for the better? We hope that these ideas help you achieve a comfy, balanced home you love spending time in!

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