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Resolve for Radiant Color in 2018

Mon, Dec 11, 2017 at 12:30PM

Resolve for Radiant Color in 2018

As 2018 approaches, Pantone already has its “Color of the Year” picked out. This time around, it’s a bold choice—“Ultra Violet,” a vivid shade that’s sure to pack a punch wherever you find it.

Pantone calls the bright, blue-purple hue “complex and contemplative,” a color that mirrors the mystique of the night sky and everything it encompasses. In short, it’s an exciting color with equally exciting uses for your home.

Take a look below as we explore a few of our favorite ideas.

Reimagine your kitchen

We often find warm, homey colors in the kitchen--like beige, pale yellow, muted red and more. But one surefire way to spice up your space is to go against the norm. Why not do so with violet walls? For a modern, pop art-inspired space, you can’t go wrong with this energizing color.

Opt for a creative kids’ playroom

Like other purples, violet is a naturally playful color. It inspires creativity and exploration, so why not use it to paint a kids’ playroom? Few shades are quite as whimsical, making violet the perfect backdrop to hours of fun, games, make-believe and more.

Liven up your entertaining space

From your home bar to media room, violet makes a welcome complement to your favorite entertaining spaces. The color that’s so often associated with royalty makes a natural choice for the luxurious areas in your home, adding a swanky feel to bar stools, accent chairs, area rugs, and other spots. It helps you embrace a sense of luxury in your space, without taking yourself (or your design) too seriously.

Create a bold entryway

Add a playful splash of color to your entryway! Even in otherwise neutral spaces, a violet door provides visual interest and a spark of whimsy that’s sure to “wow” family and friends.

Embrace violet accents

Not feeling quite confident enough to fill your walls with vibrant violet? That’s okay! Start small and ease yourself into the bold color trend by adding violet accents to your space. Classic violet flower arrangements work well, but you might also consider adding a plush velvet rug, throw, hallway runner, or even an accent side table.

No matter how you use them, Ultra Violet-inspired shades are sure to add a vibrant splash to your space. Use them to liven up your surroundings in 2018!

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