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Platinum's Guide to a Cooler Pool and Patio

Fri, Mar 03, 2017 at 9:20AM

Platinum's Guide to a Cooler Pool and Patio

Entertaining outdoors is a spring and summer staple for Florida homeowners--but how do you deal with the temperatures that grow hotter and hotter every day?

Florida's famous heat isn't likely to change any time soon--but you can change the feel of your patio and pool space with the help of some thoughtful planning and helpful features. Take a look at today's blog to see what they are!

A ceiling fan (or two)

For large outdoor spaces, shade alone might help with the warm effect of the sun--but it doesn't do much to deliver a breeze! Fortunately, you can help supplement the shade and natural breeze by adding a ceiling fan or two of your own. With so many options available (from broad, tropical blades to more modern styles), you're able to keep the look and feel of your outdoor space in mind as you implement this cool solution.

Mist systems

You've probably noticed the mist machines at your favorite theme park during the summer--but why not bring them to the local level and use them in your backyard space? You can pick up misting systems that can attach with ease to umbrellas, pergolas, and other overhanging structures for cool relief on a hot spring or summer day.

Shade structures

If you haven't already, adding some form of shade to your space will improve its comfort greatly. Like we mentioned above, shade solutions like umbrellas, awnings, and pergolas go perfectly with other cool-air tools (like fans). You can introduce these new features to layer underneath the natural leafy cover of your yard, too.

Cool, comfy seating

Seating in your outdoor space shouldn't be an afterthought--after all, the right seating can provide family and friends with a cool, comfy way to relax outdoors! Instead of wrought iron chairs, wood, and other materials that can heat up quickly, use overstuffed outdoor cushions to provide a comfortable alternative. Finally, be sure to arrange your space in a way that gives those sitting down the most shade and cool air.

A clean pool

A pool doesn't need to be spotless in order to be refreshing--but having a consistently clean pool will make quick dips in the water that much easier and more enjoyable! In addition to regular pool cleaning services, keep a skimmer handy so that a crystal clear surface is never more than a few minutes of leaf-lifting away.

We hope that these ideas help you take your Platinum home to the next level. If you're still in the design phase, we can work with you to find the best layouts and amenities needed to ensure cool outdoor relaxation all year long.

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