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Platinum’s Guide to Picture-Perfect Holiday Centerpieces

Tue, Dec 06, 2016 at 9:10AM

Platinum’s Guide to Picture-Perfect Holiday Centerpieces

At the heart of every holiday dinner is a centerpiece that ties it all together—and what better way to usher in the festivities than with a centerpiece crafted by hand?

In today’s blog, we will be sharing centerpiece ideas for your cookie exchanges, family dinners, and every holiday get-together in between.

Bough of holly

As the old song goes, deck the halls with boughs of holly! It’s not just a famous lyric—it’s a great way to dress up your space in seasonal colors. You can pick up an artificial version of the famous plant, then lay it over a decorative tray for a simple, festive look.

Ornament display

Once you’ve dressed up your tree in ornaments, popcorn garland and glittering tinsel, put those leftover decorations to use! All you need for a festive display is an empty bowl and a few of your favorite ornaments—just place them inside to showcase holiday colors on your dining room table!

Twinkling vases

Modern string lights don’t always have to be plugged in—smaller, battery-powered varieties can be placed inside clear glass vases for a warm, luminous display your friends and family will love. You can even use vases in varying shapes and sizes for an eclectic, effortless feeling.

Holiday house

One of our favorite Christmas traditions has to be the gingerbread house—and not just for its whimsical looks! The excitement that goes into lining the seams of the house with deliciously sweet icing, then sticking on your favorite colorful candies, is a treat that can’t be paralleled. Once you complete your house, why not set it up as your holiday centerpiece? For a special holiday dinner, family and friends can admire the design of your house before indulging in it for dessert.

Functional décor

For even more functional décor, integrate other food options (like fruits, appetizers or tasty candies) into your centerpiece. You can fill a vase or bowl with layers of red, green and white chocolate candies or peppermints, or create a Christmas tree village using waffle cones, green frosting and candy “ornaments.” The best thing about these centerpieces is that they double as accompaniments to the dinner itself!

We hope that these ideas help you achieve the holiday home—and ding experience! —that you’ve been looking for.










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