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Our Top Reasons why NOW is a great time to buy a new Platinum Builder Home

Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 10:24AM

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There are many benefits to buying a new home. Today, we want to highlight a few reasons, why we suggest the following apply especially right NOW.

The Federal Reserve has lowered interest rates during the pandemic to support the business community and thus, the interest rates are at their lowest in recent history making homes more affordable for many This makes it a great time to buy and build your dream home now. As a buyer you might be even in the position to add a few upgrade features on your dream list due to the low interest rate allowing homebuyers to afford more house. Whether it’s upgraded materials, additional energy efficiency features or a stunning pool installation, Platinum Builders will be happy to talk with you about all your requests and options.

Home building as an industry generates substantial local economic activity, including new income and jobs for residents, and adding revenue for local governments. The model developed by the National Association of Home Builders captures the effect of the construction activity itself, the ripple impact that occurs when income earned from construction activity is spent and recycles in the local economy, and the ongoing impact that results from new homes becoming occupied by residents who pay taxes and buy locally produced goods and services. Right now, as a community, the local governments will have to grapple with reduced revenues as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. There is a vast difference in economic benefits with a new home versus a resale home. Did you ever think about where your Dollars go after you make a purchase and how much revenue your purchases create for others and for your local economy?

The housing market going into the pandemic was strong. Supply is at near records lows and demand is high and Florida in particular is experiencing a housing deficit This combination means home prices will mostly likely continue to go up despite some of the more recent economic data. Of the last 6 recessions, house prices continued to increase in 4 out of those 6. Take advantage of today’s pricing to participate in the expected home price valuation increases over the next years.

Home prices are increasing due in large part to material cost and labor costs increases, based on facts such as prolonged trade negotiations and conflicts, increased costs of material and labor processes during this time. Also, supply lines have been interrupted and could lengthen the process of home building. Take advantage and buy at the current prices rather than future costs and get in line before other buyers might delay the building of your home.

Be aware that all Platinum Builder communities offer lifestyle amenities and beautiful natural surroundings, thus providing open spaced for outdoor activities such as walking or golfing even in case we might have to deal with another round of the coronavirus and stay at home orders in the future.

Lastly, Platinum Builders makes the homebuying process easy. During the pandemic home selection and design selection can occur in person or virtually. Platinum Builders follows all CDC guidelines and put ample sanitary processes in place to make the homebuying process safe. Alternatively, all steps of homebuying can happen online: virtual tours, online meetings and phone calls, documents sent through email, material selection as well as true virtual closings. The World as we know is changing, and we are changing with it.

We hope to welcome you as one of our newest Platinum Builders homebuyers soon!

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