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Ormond Beach Homes: Designs Tips That Complement Your Lifestyle

Wed, Jan 19, 2022 at 10:13AM

Ormond Beach Homes: Designs Tips That Complement Your Lifestyle

Fashions in clothing may vary seasonally, but home design changes more slowly. Residential design innovations are based on technology, new products, interior designers' and architects' ideas, and research into the lifestyles and objectives of new-home purchasers. 

The many beautiful Ormond Beach homes come with a variety of the top design trends, giving homeowners a more relaxed and convenient way to live. 

Here are some of the top trends you’ll find in Ormond Beach homes to complement your lifestyle:

Smart Technology

The utilization of technology is the largest, fastest shift seen in new houses. Homeowners are embracing smart home features for energy efficiency, security and entertainment. 

Wireless technology, such as app-controlled door locks and thermostats, makes life easier in new homes and is accepted by both younger and older homeowners in many cases.

Rustic Features

Natural wood beams and even natural wood ceilings are some of the most popular interiors around. Old wooden barn doors are used as a juxtaposition to the slick cabinetry in a modern kitchen. Builders will sometimes add glass panels like French doors for a more contemporary aesthetic. 

It's wonderful to have a rustic touch in a modern house to give it a sense of antiquity if that is what you’re looking for in your lifestyle.

Simplistic Exteriors

Many buyers of Ormond Beach homes are looking for simple, clean exteriors. White brick, blue and grey paint, and black trim are some of the most common trends seen in recent years. 

Outdoor Trends

Buyers are incorporating coverings or screens into their outdoor areas so that they may be used all year. They also like master suites with direct access to a patio or porch, as well as living rooms with direct access to a patio or porch. 

Patio fireplaces and fire pits are common, and so are glass walls that provide visual links between interior and outdoor spaces. 

People want to utilize screened porches in all three seasons, so they're coming back in style, even for townhouses. For entertaining outside, outdoor TVs and speakers are also trendy. Of course, don't overlook the stunning subterranean pools that can be found in many Ormond Beach homes.

What’s Out of Style?

Now that you know what’s trendy for coastal Florida homes, you may be wondering what builders and homebuyers are avoiding. 

Here are some of the top “misses” for trends in the area. 

  • Wood burning fireplaces
  • Standard bathtubs
  • Clutter and excess
  • Dark hardwood floors


It’s important to remember to design your home with what you love. If you adore dark hardwood floors and think you’ll like them for many years to come, get them! 

Trends are always changing, especially in a place like Ormond Beach. There are plenty of homes available that will meet your needs and have design elements that you’ll instantly fall in love with.

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