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New Smyrna Beach's Platinum Homes and a Place for the Family

Mon, Apr 10, 2017 at 3:20PM

New Smyrna Beach's Platinum Homes and a Place for the Family

Your New Smyrna Beach home is anchored by family-friendly spots that serve as the heart (and soul) of your space. They’re the places where you can kick back, have fun, eat, relax, catch up, and simply be yourself. 

Every home needs at least one or two—and in today’s blog, we’re sharing seven! Consider these room ideas as you prepare to design your new custom home with Platinum Builders.

A cozy eat-in kitchen

Traditional home design may have separated the kitchen—where things are made—from the dining room—where things are eaten. But the modern home isn’t always about tradition—it’s about embracing what works for you and your family. If that means casual, family-style dinners enjoyed around a kitchen island or cozy breakfast nook, then that’s all the better!

Your family game room

For families who love to indulge their playful side, what could be better than a room dedicated solely to the pursuit of fun? That’s what you’ll find in a spare room turned game room, where your old pool table will find a welcome home and there’s more than enough space for tabletop or video games, checkers, Twister, karaoke—and everything else in between.

An at-home theater

A theater room is a great way to get everyone together for movies, TV premieres, and even at-home plays produced by the kids! Designing a home theater doesn’t have to come with a gargantuan cost. It can simply mean setting aside your comfiest chairs and leaving room for an empty wall on which you can project movies, music, and more. You might find that family meetings or simple nights in congregate toward the movie room for its comfy, cozy nature.

A multipurpose studio…

For creative families, a multipurpose studio might just become the center of design (and inspiration) for pursuits like art, writing, graphic design, and whatever other hobbies you may have under your belt. Picture a bright, sunny, and wide open space where family members flock to when they have an idea or unique thought they want to pursue on paper.

… or lively music room

The same goes for musically-inclined families. What better way to get the whole family together than with a room made for the purpose of music—playing it, listening to it, learning it and teaching it?

The family den

Sometimes, the simpler—the better. That’s true when it comes to a cozy family den, a spot where comfy couches and a coffee table or two provide the perfect backdrop to relaxing nights in, studying, board games, and more.

Poolside patio

Finally, a uniquely-Floridian spot for the family. Crafting a family-friendly spot by the pool with comfy furniture and attractive features (like a fire pit, game table, or TV mounted on an exterior wall) can help you turn your patio into something much more integral to family time at home.

We hope that today’s ideas prove to be helpful as you get ready to build your dream home. We can help bring your inspiration to reality, leaving room for heart, soul, and plenty of warmth in the spaces you use most.

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