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New Smyrna Beach Outdoor Design: Achieving a Tropical Oasis

Mon, Mar 06, 2017 at 4:20PM

New Smyrna Beach Outdoor Design: Achieving a Tropical Oasis

Are you looking to add a sense of fun, tropical vibrancy to your space this spring? Treat your Platinum home as a blank canvas--where you can express tropical styles, island-inspired art, and poolside escapes fit for a Caribbean resort.

Wondering how to integrate a sense of the tropics into your home? Take a look at our ideas below!

Surround your patio with larger-than-life greenery

In tropical-inspired spaces, many follow the motto of "go big or go home" when it comes to plant life. Instead of small, pretty potted plants, opt for larger-than-life additions like broad-leafed palms or the "swiss cheese plant," whose oversized leaves have a holey texture that help the plant move around in the breeze.

Paint in vibrant colors

As you head indoors, that tropical sensation doesn't have to stop! Vibrant paint colors will help you capture the fun-loving, laidback nature of tropical destinations. Think along the lines of corals and soft sky or ocean blues to accomplish this look in your kitchen, living room, or interior hallways.

Introduce small tropical touches

Small touches of the tropics in your home's textures and decorative accents are the difference between a home with a tropical theme, and one with a truly tropical feel. The latter is what you're aiming for! When you're painting your home's walls, consider doing so with a brushed texture (so that the result isn't perfectly clean, but softer and more reminiscent of laidback tropical escapes). You can also accomplish an overall tropical effect using accents like seashells or even decorative mosaic fish designs. Finally, don't forget about furniture and flooring! Woods like teak are noted for their color and ties with tropical design.

Cook and dine outdoors

In your favorite resort destinations, cooking or dining outdoors is probably standard. It's a fun way of soaking up the beautiful weather and making your meal that much more special.

Don't leave that fun dining experience on vacation! With an outdoor kitchen and designated outdoor dining space, you're well on your way to dinners and family get-togethers that embrace the island lifestyle.

We hope that these ideas help you achieve the laidback island look you've been dreaming of! Your Platinum home is custom designed to suit your unique styles and entertainment needs--you just need to color it your own!

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