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New Smyrna Beach Home Design: Making it Real

Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 3:25PM

New Smyrna Beach Home Design: Making it Real

How do you bring your dream home to life? With a little time, imagination, and a team that’s there to help along the way!

Unlike a pre-fab house (or even a new pair of shoes), you can’t physically see your custom home before it exists. But there are still plenty of ways to make it more “real” and easy to envision! Read on to see our top tips.

Visit a model home

When your custom plan includes one of our ready-made floorplans, it’s a little easier to envision your space. Whether you are wondering what kind of home is the best fit for you, or simply want to show your family the space as a sort of tangible “surprise!” moment, visiting one of our model homes can help you do it. There is, after all, something special about being in a physical space and seeing it as your own—you’re better able to imagine your own family and décor there, long after you leave for the day.

Make time for texture

Texture is everything—the often-overlooked player that can affect the feel of your home for years to come. Deciding on paper between marble and granite, wood and tile might seem simple—but really feeling those textures and materials can help you better imagine the home you’re designing. That’s where our design studio comes in. You can stop by for a visit and explore all the different options for every part of your home, getting a better feel (literally) for the space you want to create. The studio experience helps take the “abstract” out of custom home construction, creating a more tangible sense of space along the way.

Get inspired

Inspiration often comes in the form of visual cues. Wondering what you can expect from your soon-to-be-built Platinum home? Explore our online gallery—print out photos, if you’d like! –and surround yourself with the sight of a space you’re soon to call your own.

Enjoy project walks

With the construction of your Platinum home, you don’t need to sit back and wonder how the process is going. See it for yourself! Project walks during and after your home’s construction can help you more easily visualize your home as it comes to be. Plus, seeing the construction process can help give you an even greater appreciation for your new home—after all, you’ll be able to plainly see the “TLC” that goes into every step of the way.

At Platinum Builders, home is what you make it—but why wait, when the “making” of your home is an experience in itself? Call or come into our design studio today to get started on the exciting road ahead!

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