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New Smyrna Beach Custom Homes: Home Design Tips Inspired by the Runway

Tue, Aug 22, 2017 at 12:10PM

New Smyrna Beach Custom Homes: Home Design Tips Inspired by the Runway

Style. Texture. The clever use of color. When you embark on a custom home project, you might find that the design process is a lot like the world of fashion!

Of course, you don’t need to dress like a celebrity or shop at lux boutiques to enjoy the benefits of a style-minded home. You just need to know the rules! In today’s blog, we’re sharing a few home-happy tips inspired by the runway. Take a look.

Less is more

If you’ve spent any amount of time reading fashion magazines or watching your favorite celebrities stroll along the red carpet, you’ve probably heard this old adage of fashion. Less truly is more, whether you’re talking about a black-tie outfit or a home décor scheme. Leaning your design toward the side of minimalism gives you a chance to create a clean, open feeling in your space. It draws attention to small details with big impact (like a statement chair or one-of-a-kind wall hanging) and leaves you plenty of room to work with in terms of space and design, even in you change your mind down the line.

Color can make all the difference

Color is, of course, hugely important to fashion—and to your home as well. It’s probably the first thing you’ll notice when you enter a room, and can set the atmosphere in a big way. Of course, the kind of colors you choose depends on what you want your space to say.

Bright blues, reds and yellows speak to a fun, playful sense of whimsy which would not be out of place in a kids’ playroom or even your hallway bathroom. However, when it comes to those spaces you want to feel effortlessly elegant and universally appealing, you can’t go wrong with neutral tones like deep browns or even cool grays. The result is something like a good suit, that—despite its seemingly tamed color scheme—can’t help but ooze charm and sophistication.

Don’t forget about texture

Of course, fashion isn’t all about the visual—it’s about texture, too! Life on and off the runway would be pretty dull if every outfit were made of cotton. Just like your closet or your dream wardrobe, your home needs a variety of textures to give off a well-crafted feel. Look for unique textural elements in everything from lampshades to drapes to your kitchen backsplash.

Rules are meant to be broken

While we may be discussing the key rules of fashion as they apply to your home, another industry truth is worth acknowledging: that rules are sometimes meant to be broken! A monotone bedroom or an eclectic set of dining room chairs may not follow conventional guidelines—but like a fun patchwork sweater, their eccentric nature is part of what makes them so exciting.

Style is evergreen

You may have heard the old saying—that fashion fades while style is eternal. We have to agree with this one! While we get a new look at home trends and design fads every year, a home that’s built with quality materials and streamlined design has a foundation that will outlast any seasonal trend. That’s exactly the kind of thing that your Platinum home provides.

We hope that today’s blog helps you achieve a space that’s as stylish as it is true to you. Fashion leaves lots of room for those unique, personal touches—so it’s no wonder that the runway-inspired route makes sense in your custom home!

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