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New Smyrna Beach Custom Homes: Floorplan Ideas for Busy Families

Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 12:05PM

New Smyrna Beach Custom Homes: Floorplan Ideas for Busy Families

Large families can be loud, busy, and boisterous. And you would never change a thing.

…except, maybe, your floorplan! Designing a home from scratch gives you the chance to do just that. Of course, crafting a custom space for a large family is about more than including lots of square footage. It’s about designing a layout that gives kids plenty of room to learn and play, all while making it easy for Mom or Dad to supervise and do their own thing, too.

It may seem like a tall order for just one space—but it can be done! In today’s blog, we’ll show you a few tips and ways we can help.

Opt for open spaces

When finding a way to meet the needs of many people, the best option is often a universal one: combine several specific purposes in one large, grand space! Most modern plans call this kind of place the great room… and we think it’s, well, really great.

The advantage of a great room lies in its openness. When it comes to entertaining or enjoying a family night in, people in the kitchen can feel just as clued into the action as those on the couch, since there are no walls to keep them apart. Even when it comes to everyday living, you—as a parent—will enjoy the ability to keep an eye on kids as they play while still giving them the space they crave. You’ll find a great room in many Platinum floorplans such as the Maplewood, where a kitchen, dining and living space effortlessly blend into one. That’s perfect for large families (and those who love to multitask!)

Embrace an ample laundry room

When designing a custom space for your large family, don’t forget to include an ample laundry room! While it may seem like a bit of an afterthought, this space can serve as a control center of sorts, helping clothes (and other gear) get organized on their way to other parts of the home.

Double up

Another great option is to craft spaces and structures that serve more than one purpose. Can your breakfast nook turn into a homework corner when the kids get home from school? Or can that aforementioned laundry room serve as a catch-all spot for bookbags and outdoor gear? Keeping these dual purposes in mind as you design can help you achieve a space that works for you and your family.

At Platinum, our end goal is a home that fits your family. Let us help you design a space that fits the bill… and then some! Call us today to learn more.

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