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How to Maximize Space in 5 Essential Rooms of New Ormond Beach Homes

Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 10:00AM

How to Maximize Space in 5 Essential Rooms of New Ormond Beach Homes

Every home can benefit from more space, regardless of whether it is one of our 4-bedroom luxury estates or our 2-bedroom villa homes. Maximizing the space available to us can make our homes feel more spacious and welcoming while also offering more room to indulge in the things we love to do. There are plenty of clever ways to maximize the space in several important rooms of your home – just read on to learn how!

Open up the Entryway

Your home entryway welcomes guests and sees your family off safely to school, work, or hobbies every day. Because of this, it should be functional and boast enough space to maneuver quickly and efficiently. Typically, there is not tons of room in a home entryway, but you can optimize that space by hanging wall-mounted hooks for coats, jackets, and backpacks, as well as using open shelving for storage of knick-knacks.

Make Kitchen Cooking Easier

The kitchen is the busiest room of any home, especially with all the at-home cooking that has been done over the past year. Kitchens should not just be functional and welcoming enough to cook meals, but they should be enjoyable to be in as well. Toss all your old food and stale dry goods, then make the most of the vertical storage in your pantry and organize everything else that you have. If necessary, install overhead pot and pan storage to free up the space below your counters.

Prioritize Bathroom Essentials

For many, the bathroom is the first room you wake up to each morning and the last one you see at night other than your bedroom, of course. However, it is easy for bathrooms to end up cluttered with appliances and toiletries, especially if it is shared by many. For kids, open shelving and baskets under the sink can house small appliances when not in use to distinguish who uses what, plus a shoe organizer can be a life-saving space saver in a pinch to hold makeup, brushes, jewelry, and more.

Create Space in Public Rooms with Multifunctional Items

Living rooms can get messy quickly because they get the most traffic amongst guests and family members. Before you know it, the coffee table is cluttered with old drinks or trash and the side tables are covered with video games or other electronics after just one evening. Create more space with multifunctional furniture, such as ottomans to hold accessories and coffee tables that have drawers or shelves below.

Turn Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary

Our bedrooms are meant to be our refuge from the rest of the world and even the rest of our homes. However, clutter and clothes splayed all over can quickly minimize any relaxing effects of a bedroom. Fighting clutter is easily done by ensuring your closets are being used properly and it starts with putting all your out-of-season clothing in storage under the bed, then adding in-closet organizers to separate types of clothes, accessories, shoes, and more. Stowing away all your clothes will keep your bedroom feeling refreshing and invigorating.

Your home is sure to have other rooms as well that will benefit from space optimization but following these tips is a good way to quickly make the most of your most essential rooms without needing an entire home renovation. Maximizing space is essential even in the most spacious homes, whether your family is expanding, you’re hosting more guests, or you simply have more stuff. With a Platinum Builders home, you will have all the storage and features you need at your fingertips for a forever home that you can be thrilled with – simply contact us to learn more!

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