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How to Design Your Attic to Maximize Storage Space

Mon, May 30, 2022 at 7:02PM

How to Design Your Attic to Maximize Storage Space

Ample storage space is a highly desired amenity for homeowners. From seasonal clothing to decorations to sentimental items that they don’t use every day, even the most minimalist families may find themselves with extra items they need to store. 

If you are working with custom home builders to design your dream home, storage will certainly be a topic of discussion. Don’t forget to consider the attic as an important part of your storage solutions. 

When it comes to utilizing your attic for storage, the initial design can make a big difference in its accessibility and functionality. Here are a few ways to design your attic to maximize storage space.

Make Access to Your Attic Easier

A design element that is easy to overlook when it comes to attics is accessibility. Great storage space won’t mean much if it is difficult to access your attic. In addition, if your method of entering your attic takes up a lot of space, that means less space is available for you to store items. 

Designing your attic entrance with a folding ladder is a great way to quickly access your space without taking up room in the attic itself. Modern folding ladders are safe and easy to use, so even kids can get to or store items in the attic with supervision.

Built-In Storage

One of the best design elements you can incorporate into your attic is built-in storage solutions. From drawers to cupboards to stacked shelving units, you’d be surprised how much storage you can get out of a small space with custom storage solutions!

Built-in storage can also more easily accommodate some items that are awkward to store, like sports equipment or art. Custom storage solutions can help you make the most of every square inch of your attic.


Lighting may not seem like an obvious design element to maximize storage space, but inadequate lighting can really limit the functionality of your attic. If you have one or two hard-to-access lightbulbs in your attic, it’s unlikely that you’ll be making use of the space. 

Work with your home builder to ensure that your attic has plenty of lighting sources that are easy to get to. Lighting should be installed and positioned to ensure you can easily see in all corners of your attic.

Smart Insulation

If you’ve ever been in an attic, you may have witnessed a labyrinth of insulation and insulation shrapnel that can take up lots of space. No one wants to store items in an attic that is dirty and hard to navigate.

When designing your custom home, ensure that insulation is compact and installed cleanly so that it stays out of your way and allows more room for storage.

Consider Your Roofline

One of the most limiting elements of attic storage is awkward rooflines. Rooflines can make moving around in your attic difficult, and they can make it even more challenging to make the most of the space for storage. 

One benefit of building a custom home is that you have total control over your roof design and how it will impact your attic space. Work with your trusted general contractors in New Smyrna Beach, FL, to find out how your roof design will affect your unique situation.

Work with Trusted General Contractors in New Smyrna Beach, FL, on Your Attic Design

When you are working on bringing your custom home ideas to life, every inch of your home should be designed to work for you. From storage under the bed, under the stairs, or in your attic, there are plenty of places to maximize space. 

General contractors in New Smyrna Beach, FL, can be a valuable resource in helping you make the most of your attic. With just a few simple design tweaks, your attic can go from wasted space to a heavily utilized storage area.

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