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How To Make New Homes in Ormond Beach More Dog-Friendly

Wed, Dec 08, 2021 at 3:32PM

How To Make New Homes in Ormond Beach More Dog-Friendly

When moving into your new custom-built home, it is important to keep all your family members in mind during the designing stage. This means your beloved dog too. Just the way every individual in your home has their own sets of needs and requirements, your pet does too. Instead of using portable pens and floor mats to accommodate their needs, design your home creatively keeping in mind space for your dog to sleep, eat, get cleaned, and play in.

If you are wondering how to style your home in a way where your pet has all their needs met, here are a few ideas on how to make new homes in Ormond Beach more dog-friendly:

Carve out their own space

Every dog-owner wants their pet to be comfortable and happy in their new home. Just the way it takes time for a person to get familiar with a new setting, it takes your pet some time to adjust as well. So, before they turn some towards some nook or corner you had other plans for, carve out their own space by placing a cozy bed for them in a secure part of your home. Set up a clean water source for them along with their favorite toys to show them that this is their very own area and they don’t need to find refuge in other areas of the house when looking to rest.

Choose fabrics and flooring wisely

If you allow your dog to snuggle up with you on the couch or run around your living room while chasing a toy, you need to think about what material to use for your flooring and furniture. Leather couches are easier to clean than some woven textiles for example.

Similarly, make your new home’s flooring more pet-friendly by choosing something durable and easy-to-clean. Hardwood flooring or ceramic tiles are both good options if you are looking to find something that can withstand all your dog’s indoor adventures and accidents. Carpeting is usually not a good idea as it will require a lot of maintenance to keep your floors spotless with your furry friend running around.

Create a separate wash station

To make your life easier, and your home a little cleaner, incorporate a washing station or mudroom into the designs. An extendible shower head in this area can help you clean your pet as thoroughly as you would like after a long walk or afternoon playing in the rain.

Make your home your pet’s happy place

Dog’s need plenty of stimulation and play to remain happy and healthy. Building windows at their eye level is one idea and adding a little reading nook with a view is even better for a dog to enjoy the view outside. Sliding doors, half doors, and built-in swinging gates are also great to add to your new home design to make it more pet-friendly.  

If you are looking for new homes in Ormond Beach that accommodate all your needs, including the comfort and safety of your pet, talk to us at Platinum Builders and we would be thrilled to create the perfect design for you.

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