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How Platinum Builders is changing through the pandemic

Tue, Apr 21, 2020 at 12:55PM

Platinum Builders is committed to continuing to provide excellent service to our customers and community. As we all face the COVID-19 pandemic together, we wanted to update everyone on the precautions we are taking to keep staff and customers safe and healthy.

At Platinum Builders we are committed to following all CDC guidelines and updating our practices as the CDC changes or updates their recommendations. We have increased our home cleaning and sanitizing efforts. In addition, we also adhere to any recommendations by the local and national Home Builder Associations on our job sites.

Want to visit a Platinum Builder model home?

We are now offering virtual tours for customers who do not feel comfortable leaving their homes. These tours show a walk through of the home and the immediate surrounding area, so a potential customer can get an in-depth feel of what their home might look and feel like.

For people who would like to visit a home in person, we are offering visits per appointment. These visits are being conducted with the recommended distancing in place, only allowing a small number of people and we encourage the use of face masks as necessary. After each visit, extensive cleaning is done to ensure that any visitors will be coming to a clean and disinfected environment. We are eager to be safe and make our customers feel at ease when visiting with Platinum Builders staff.

We are invested in our community and are a proud community member wherever we build homes. At this point we have already done a few social media contests with giveaways to local businesses that now, more than ever, need our support. We certainly plan to continue and expand on this and other programs.

We have implemented additional options for closing on your new Platinum Builder home. Whether you prefer to meet with your closer in person at our office or remain in your car while the closer hands you the documents to sign, these are just two options of how we can make it easy for our homebuyer to close on their new home.

We are happy and feel blessed that we are considered an essential business in Florida and thus, allowed to continue to contribute to the local economy. We are able to continue employment of construction workers and subcontractors as long as people buy new homes. We will be able to continue operations, and as the economy gears up again and more homes are being built, we will be able to create more essential jobs to stimulate the economy in our community.

For everyone in our  community, we continue to post updates on our website and are now featuring new brochures and virtual tours. We are posting regularly on social media sites and keeping our customers and community members informed through our email newsletters. Please visit our Facebook page for the most updated information.

Sending wishes of health, safety and well-being to our community. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!


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