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Florida Home Design: More Than Just a Bathroom

Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 11:25AM

Florida Home Design: More Than Just a Bathroom

Think about the last time you stepped into a bathroom that truly “wowed” you—there was likely more than a simple sink, shower and toilet combo!

Truly exquisite master bathrooms often include design elements and additional features that make the space rich, complex, and multi-functional. Below, we’re sharing a few ways to achieve this kind of a bathroom in your own custom home.

Closet convenience

While a walk-in closet in your bathroom may not be conventional, it’s a prized choice for some who’ve grown to love its easy access and convenience. A small closet can hold things like jewelry, ties, scarves, and other accessories one might throw on before leaving the bathroom. It can also be an easy spot for storing towels, spare toiletries, and other backups you’ll appreciate having on hand.

Separate sections

For bathrooms with some space to spare, separated sections—with a closed-door toilet area, for example—give couples or large families a chance to prepare for the day simultaneously, without running into each other at every turn. It’s a great way to add a sense of space and dimension to your bathroom.

Luxury bath…

For those who appreciate a good nighttime bath, a unique luxury tub with ornate legs or built-in jets is an elegant addition.

…and a walk-in shower

Another popular choice for larger master bathrooms is having a separate tub and walk-in shower. This shower can be the perfect way to recharge in the morning or relax after a long day, serving as a blank canvas for unique mosaic tile designs.

Sink design

If you can do without the countertop space around traditional space (or if another surface in your bathroom makes up for it), a pedestal sink or vessel sink that sits atop your counter are stylish choices that add visual interest to your bathroom.

Built-in storage

Many homeowners will appreciate the easy accessibility of a bathroom with built-in storage. Whether this storage comes in the way of a closet or recessed shelving, it will be sure to help you keep track of handy items like towels, toiletries, tissues and more.

A sit-down spot

Finally, for those who savor their morning routine, a comfy spot to sit down—where you can slip into your shoes, fix your hair, or simply relax—is a must-have addition that adds a sense of luxury and glamour to your space.

Are you interested in including these features in your custom construction? Let us know! We can help make your everyday getting-ready space, a little less everyday.

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