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Falling for Floral Decor in Your Florida Home

Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 3:31PM

Falling for Floral Decor in Your Florida Home

Flowers are for more than beautiful vase displays—they can be used to inspire one-of-a-kind home design, too.

Read on to see some of our favorite ways to incorporate flowers into your home’s décor, this February and beyond.

Try a fresh take on floral furniture

Floral furniture may have been a popular fixture of “olden days” bedrooms and living spaces—but who says this style can’t see a resurgence?

You can reclaim floral-printed furniture in a big way—just pair it with less predictable surroundings! For example, instead of planting a floral sofa in the middle of a room that’s already laden with floral prints and traditional patterns, try complementing it with solid surroundings or otherwise modern décor and furniture (coffee tables, flooring, etc.). Your floral furniture will get the chance to stand out and make a statement, providing a welcome breath of fresh air you and your guests are sure to love.

Inspire your at-home office space

Looking for a way to spice up your office space? Add some color through the form of beautiful flowers! If you have a glass-top desk, you can add a few of your favorite flattened flowers in between the glass and the body of your desk. It’s an easy way to sprinkle in some color, without taking up any desk space to do it.

Mix up the traditional bouquet

Traditional flower bouquets are undoubtedly beautiful—and, sometimes, hard to maintain. Mix it up by creating a bouquet of succulents that are a little hardier… yet just as beautiful!

Enjoy accent wallpaper

Another trend that deserves a redo? Floral wallpaper! While it was once plastered with abandon on early 20th century walls, it can today be used as a simple, stylish way to add some color (and floral flourishes) to any space. The key is to use it sparingly. Use it in small spaces, like a powder room, or perhaps inside your closet or vanity! It adds a dainty, visually-pleasing touch without being too overly feminine or old-fashioned.

Embrace floral shapes

Of course, you don’t always need color to bring floral flourishes to your home. Wrought-iron wall hangings shaped like flowers offer another way to deck out your space.

Work from the inside out

Instead of bringing in new décor, why not work from the inside out? Choose key spots to highlight that can be seen from indoors—i.e., the bushes and planters right next to your home’s biggest windows and doors—and plant beautiful, colorful flower arrangements there. It’s a decorative touch for the great outdoors, one that can be just as easily enjoyed from indoors, too.

Just like the beautiful bouquets that inspire them, these floral ideas are fresh and easy to enjoy! We hope that today’s blog helps you incorporate floral shapes, patterns and colors in your Florida home.

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