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Exploring Smyrna Dunes Park: A New Kind of Beach

Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 12:05PM

Exploring Smyrna Dunes Park: A New Kind of Beach

You’ve seen (or surfed) New Smyrna Beach’s famous shoreline… but maybe not quite like this.

At the northern point of the New Smyrna peninsula sits an enchanting natural getaway, a landscape of rolling dunes and water views nestled amidst coastal scrub. A place where nature and wildlife meet the simple pleasures of fishing, sunbathing, or strolling around with man’s best friend.

This spot is Smyrna Dunes Park, and it’s worth a visit this summer! Take a look at today’s blog to see what makes this place such a treasured local gem.

A one-of-a-kind ecosystem

Smyrna Dunes Park isn’t your typical beach destination. Sure, it’s got soft sand and beautiful beach views—but that’s just the beginning!

The ocean is just one of five unique ecosystems represented in the park, the others being river, scrub, saltwater marshlands and sand dunes. It’s an alluring combination made possible by the park’s unique locale, the tip of a peninsula that overlooks the Indian River, Ponce de Leon Inlet, and, on the east side, the vast Atlantic Ocean.

That unique ecology also means something special for wildlife watchers: a chance to see species such as the peculiar, burrowing gopher tortoise in action. Or maybe a flock of seabirds making their way over shore. Either way, there’s a lot of animal action going on here at Smyrna Dunes!

Of course, we can’t help but feel that one of the best animal attractions at the park is the one you bring yourself—that’s to say, you are free to bring Fido along for the trip!

Exploring the park

Speaking of your four-legged friend, leashed walks among the sand dunes provide one of the greatest ways to experience the park. Your pup can romp around in the sand or enjoy a stroll by your side along the 1.5-mile boardwalk that winds through the scrubby dune landscape.

From the park, you can also do a fair share of sightseeing. You’ll spot the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse across the water, as well as the boats that make their way past either side of the peninsula. There’s also a comfy spot to go swimming, so you can easily cool off at the end of your walk or a day in the sand!

We hope that today’s blog has clued you in to a new side of New Smyrna Beach worth exploring! Our little city by the sea is never without something new to experience… you just have to know where to look.

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