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Easter by the Beach

Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 10:50AM

Easter by the Beach

Happy Easter! From your New Smyrna Beach home, the allure of an exciting holiday together is just steps away—just head to the beach for a celebration with Florida flair.

Read on as we share a few special ways to enjoy the day.

Start off surfing

In places popular for their surf, it’s not surprising at all—the sport dominates, even on holidays! You can see evidence of that down the coast in Cocoa Beach, where the 45th annual Easter Surf Festival kicks off on Easter weekend (featuring surf opportunities for humans and surfing pups alike).

Of course, you can enjoy the surfing fun here in town, too. Head to the Inlet or quieter surfing spots along the coast for a fun, easygoing way to kick off the day.

Have a family egg hunt…

Indulge in the classic family pastime of an Easter egg hunt, too. You can bring eggs to the beach and bury them ever-so-slightly beneath the sand, then watch as your family tries to dig them up (just be sure to count how many eggs you come with!).

… or a delicious picnic brunch

For a more easygoing, no-hunt-required way to enjoy your favorite Easter eats, bring them to the beach for a delicious Easter brunch. Pack a pastel beach blanket and must-have holiday foods—ham for breakfast, hot cross buns for a sweet touch—into a picnic basket, and enjoy! You can get up early to snack with the sunrise, or enjoy a more leisurely experience by strolling over during the mid-morning. Either way, it’s a surefire way to get the whole family together.

Head to the other waterfront of New Smyrna Beach—its Indian River shores, where you’ll find beautiful al fresco dining and waterfront eats at The Grille at Riverview. You can even enjoy a tasty brunch buffet there for the whole family.

Bring home the fun

After a long, sunny day at the beach or by the water, bring home the fun with you. Your patio or veranda can serve as the perfect spot for Easter dinner. Turn on the fire, relax, or even host an egg hunt in your own backyard! The pool, plus your lush surroundings, offer a relaxing retreat to enjoy after a holiday well-spent at the beach.

You don’t need to travel far to enjoy Easter festivities—in around New Smyrna Beach, chances to celebrate abound. We hope you enjoy the holiday with fun, loved ones, and lots of delicious foods.

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