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Dramatics in Design: Platinum’s Guide to Spaces That “Wow”

Sun, Feb 05, 2017 at 11:15AM

Dramatics in Design: Platinum’s Guide to Spaces That “Wow”

In our everyday lives, drama is something most of us seek to avoid—but when it comes to home design, visual drama is something to strive for.

When you have design elements that literally take your breath away, you know you’ve achieved something great. In today’s blog, we will be sharing a few of our favorite ways to achieve dramatic design in the style and construction of your Florida home. Take a look!

High ceilings

Nothing draws your eye to the grandeur of a space quite like high ceilings. Whether they’re vaulted, in the shape of a downward “V,” or are simply elevated in height, your ceilings are the perfect place to utilize a bold, dramatic look that adds to the openness of your home.

Picturesque views

Sometimes, it’s best to let the view do the talking—and if your property sits on an especially picturesque lot, you get a chance to utilize that view in the visual drama of your home. Draw guests’ eyes to wide windows showcasing a body of water or your backyard pool, or entice family and friends with a garden view right off your kitchen. These features work almost like works of art—except that you don’t need nails, a canvas or frame to display them.


Many times, people wonder “what can I add to this space to make it more dramatic?”. It’s a good starting-off point—but why not turn the tables, and ask yourself, “what can I take away?”.

By removing excess clutter or distracting décor from a room—turning it into a modern, minimalist-style space—you can actually make it look more purposeful and visually stunning. In these kinds of spaces, small additions like a unique vase or stack of books make for bold statements on their own (instead of getting lost in the clutter).


There’s a reason why we flock to metallic designs for our clothing, jewelry, and even home décor. Gold, silver, and other metallics dazzle the eye and make for a luxurious, shimmering spectacle (even when used in small doses). By utilizing metallic styles in your shower or on your kitchen backsplash, you will be drawing the eye to those exquisite details.

Rich colors

Not every space needs a wash of rich, dark color—but when used sparingly, options like navy blue or deep burgundy can make a space feel that much more intriguing. These shades often pair best with complementary hues that balance out the darkness.

We hope that these ideas help you achieve the stunning visual space you’ve been dreaming of. At Platinum Builders, we can help take your custom construction to the next level with these features and more—just call us today to get started!

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