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Create the Perfect Space for Kids in Your Custom Home

Wed, Jul 18, 2018 at 9:05AM

Create the Perfect Space for Kids in Your Custom Home

Every child craves a space where they feel safe, creative, and free to be themselves. For most kids, this is a bedroom or secret hideaway. Still, many children require and appreciate more freedom and flexibility.

One of the major benefits of building a custom home is the opportunity to select the items and amenities most needed and useful to your family, while avoiding those elements that are undesirable or unnecessary.

That includes placing specific attention on the wants and needs of kids. Use this advice to craft innovative areas and ideas that will keep kids occupied and content year round.

Brighten Bedrooms

Kids love to lend their knowledge and give input into any number of topics. That certainly includes where they spend most of their time at home. Many children are too young when their rooms are first established to select color schemes and amenities. As they grow and their preferences and interests change, however, kids want to express their individuality.

Turn that tendency into a game by asking youth to help with the layout, colors, and other elements of their rooms. School-age children have unique requirements regarding storage, study areas, flexibility, personal flair, and other considerations. In addition, children can often contribute valuable insight into upgrades for other areas of your custom home. 

Maximize Multipurpose Areas

There’s no rule that says custom homes must follow specific requirements. In fact, adaptability is right in the name.

Unlike existing structures that have a set number of rooms, you can plan for additional space that matches your unique desires and preferences. Some families even opt to reserve a special “kids’ wing” where children can live and play without stringent requirements and limitations.

In addition, the function of these rooms can be easily modified to meet different purposes. For instance, a home office can become a child’s play area on the weekends. Your screened-in porch or Florida room can be modified to host a kids’ sleepover party. When it comes to creative use of the rooms in your custom home, the options are virtually endless.

Create an Outdoor Oasis

Whether it’s a playhouse, open field, or exterior retreat, kids are naturally drawn to the great outdoors. Especially in Central Florida where outside enjoyment is a year round endeavor, the grounds of your custom home make an ideal spot to create family-friendly fun and lasting memories.

You might select a relaxing pool for summertime refreshment. Another popular option is creating a backyard garden or wildlife habitat. These projects can serve as learning opportunities for children and youth.

In addition, outdoor space is also ideal for hosting children’s parties, art activities, neighborhood cookouts, and more. Working with skilled and qualified custom home builders can help you maximize use of your home’s exterior.

Explore All Options

While you’re busy with work, home life, and other obligations, it can be difficult to focus on crafting the ideal residence for you and your loved ones. Still, it’s not necessary to languish in a home that doesn’t work for your family and their goals. That’s why more people today are upgrading their lives and enjoyment through custom home ownership.

For more than 25 years, we’ve been known as reputable and reliable general contractors in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. We’re proud to have partnered with countless Central Florida residents to create the custom homes of their dreams. Our skilled and qualified team members, coupled with our customer-centric business model, has helped make us the leading home builder in the region.

Contact us today with all your questions, and discover how easy and affordable it is to start enjoying your own custom home this year.

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