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Create a Pet-Friendly Custom Home with These Tips

Mon, May 06, 2019 at 12:55PM

Create a Pet-Friendly Custom Home with These Tips

You want your custom home to be a welcoming space for all who walk through the door, including your four-legged friends. Today more than ever people are keeping their beloved pets in mind as they make design decisions for their new home.

If you’re considering building a pet-friendly custom home, there are a few tips that may help you as you make your design decisions. Read on to discover ways you can make your custom home the ultimate pet-friendly abode.

Laundry Room

Often your family pet will have a designated place in your home that houses their bed, food dishes, and other supplies. Build this area into your home design by creating a designated pet cubby or corner in your laundry room. This space can be the perfect spot for your dog’s bed and bowls or your cat’s litter box. Building this feature into your custom home will ensure there is always a space for your four-legged friend to retreat.


If you have young children, you may already realize the usefulness of a designated mudroom. Here is where you can welcome in your children from their backyard adventures with a place to remove outdoor clothing and dirty shoes. This space can also play as the perfect solution to muddy backyard days enjoyed by your pooch. Talk to your custom home builder about adding in a dog washing station to your custom mudroom. This dog-specific shower area will allow you to wash your pet off with ease and you’ll avoid muddy paw prints throughout your home, plus less trips to the groomer!

Let the Light In

As you probably already know, cats and dogs love to be able to see outdoors when their relaxing inside. When selecting the designs for your New Smyrna Beach custom home, opt for a plan with large low lying windows so your pets can enjoy watching the world from the safety of your home.

Outdoor Access

Pets love to be able to spend time outdoors and as a pet owner, you know that letting them in and out is already part of your daily routine. To improve the quality of outdoor life for both you and your pet, consider installing a dog or cat door in your custom home. This allows your pet to enter and exit freely without any extra effort needed from you. Sure, you can install any old pet door, but with custom home ownership you have the opportunity to make the pet door fit with your home’s style. Talk to your Florida custom home builder about designing and installing a custom pet door that will match the rest of your home!

If you’re frustrated with your current residence and don’t have the ability to give your beloved pet the space and amenities they deserve, consider upgrading to a custom home. The process starts with selecting a custom home builder with an excellent track record of success. For more than 25 years, Platinum Builders has held a solid reputation for being a trusted custom home builder in the Central Florida area. As the leading home builder in Venetian Bay, our focus on high-quality materials and stellar customer service have put us at the top of the industry.

Browse the ‘photo gallery’ on our website to discover the beautiful home designs we are capable of creating. Then, contact us today to get started towards building an affordable custom home that will delight your family for years to come. 

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