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Craft the Perfect Custom Home for Your Growing Family

Thu, Aug 23, 2018 at 5:20PM

Craft the Perfect Custom Home for Your Growing Family

There are many factors to consider when planning a family. One of those is a realistic assessment of your space requirements. Though many people opt to remodel or add on to their existing home, that can be a costly and time-consuming process. Where will you live while your home is being torn apart? For many families, that option just doesn’t make sense.

By contrast, custom homes afford you the luxury of starting from scratch. You get to choose everything from the floor plan, to landscaping, right down to details such as hardware and more. What better way to start your new family than with a high-quality residence tailored to your desires and requirements?

Plus, when you work with a reputable a custom home builder, you eliminate the need to move as your family grows. That means you can set down roots, become trusted members of the community, and give your kids a safe, stable, and structured environment where they can grow and thrive. Use these suggestions to create a personalized custom home of which you can be proud:

Consider Space Requirements

Some new parents have the idea that they can “make it work” in a tiny apartment or small home. While that plan might be alright when kids are little, as children grow, they require increasingly larger spaces to spread out and simply live. In addition, youth relish in having their own rooms. It’s a safe space where they feel secure and can be themselves.

In addition, you’ll need extra storage space for toys and the personal items of your child or children. Leaving items out in the open adds clutter and also creates an unsafe situation where family members could easily get hurt.

However, in a custom home, you can plan for extra storage and added rooms. This allows everyone to live comfortable and clutter-free. 

Plan for Guests and Visitors

Friends and loved ones will naturally want to offer their congratulations on your growing family. Some extended family members may also hope to stay at your home for a time, where they can visit and even offer valuable assistance.

Cramped spaces make it impossible to accommodate guests or even entertain for short periods. That means you’ll be forced to either meet at a remote location or do without visits entirely. Neither scenario is ideal.

By contrast, custom homes are the perfect spot to host loved ones and enjoy the first days with your new family. This way, you can be relaxed and eliminate the stresses and pressures of trying to work around inconvenient and awkward floor plans and space constraints. 

See the Future

As mentioned, your custom home can easily become a happy residence for years to come. That means kids can grow up in the same house throughout their childhood, and even visit their old stomping grounds while they’re in college and beyond. Not many existing neighborhoods today offer that kind of stability and support.

When the kids move out, it’s simple to convert unused rooms for a variety of purposes, including entertaining, home office, exercise room, and more.

In addition, a growing trend today is multi-generation housing. When adult children move back in, or aging parents require personal assistance, your custom home is the ideal area to welcome loved ones to their new residence. 

Get Expert Assistance

Some families choose to stay in an unrealistic or unsavory situation simply because they don’t know of any other options. When you’re busy with work and life requirements on top of building a new family, planning for the future can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

For more than 25 years, we’ve helped countless families and individuals craft unique custom homes tailored to their specific desires and requirements. One of the most trusted and respected home builders in the area, we’re proud of our consistently-stellar track record of outstanding customer service and unparalleled construction. Contact us today to discover how easy and affordable it is to create your ideal custom home.

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