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Central Florida Custom Homes: Thoughts on Texture

Mon, May 15, 2017 at 1:30PM

Central Florida Custom Homes: Thoughts on Texture

When you think of a home's style, you think of the visual things: paint colors, decorations, cabinetry and beyond.

But just as essential to the right look and feel of your home? Rich, varied textures to go with it!

In today's blog, we're exploring some of the unique ways texture can make a big impact on your home, from construction to decorating and beyond. Take a look!

Texture greets guests before you do

From the second friends and family approach your doorstep, they're greeted by the first impression your home creates. Do you have a weighty door knocker? A soft, neat welcome mat? When they walk inside, are they welcomed by a soft hallway runner or a cool tile floor? These little considerations say a lot about your home without you even realizing it!

It soothes...

The right textures can be near therapeutic, so picking the right ones for your home is especially important. When you want to switch from the formality of dinner or entertaining friends, is there a comfy spot you can retreat to--a den with a soft, shag carpet, or maybe a corduroy armchair that begs you to sink right in? Soft fleece blankets, too, can add a sense of comfort and warmth to even more cool, modern spaces--just drape them over a sofa for a casual touch.

Makes a statement...

Just as an innovative piece of wall art captures the eye and makes a statement, so too can a sculpture, a kitchen backsplash with fine mosaic tiles, or even a butcher block countertop with authentic grain and imperfections.

Reflects mood and personality...

Like we mentioned before, texture can add to the comfy feel of a space. But what about other moods or personalities?

If you're going for a modern feel, you'll probably stick to textures that are smooth, clean-cut, streamlined. In more traditional spaces, you might splurge on velvets, leather, metallics and more.

...and conveys a luxurious feel

When opting for a luxurious, elegant feel in any space, you don't need lavish artwork or all-gold hardware to do the trick. Something more subtle--and possibly more impactful--lies in the power of texture. Texture conveys that special something that we notice in a room--the craftsmanship of furniture, the luxurious feel of upholstery--that affects how we see the space, even if we don't actively realize it.

We hope that today's blog has helped you gain a better understanding of the mighty role of texture in home design! If you have questions about flooring, upholstery, and other matters of texture, come on into our design studio to see how we can help.

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