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Central Florida Custom Homes: Building a Home Around a Pool?

Fri, Jan 06, 2017 at 9:35AM

Central Florida Custom Homes: Building a Home Around a Pool?

For many homeowners, the backyard pool is an afterthought—it’s either a feature that was already there at the time of sale, or something that is built later on. But when you’re building a custom home, you have the unique ability to shape the way your home works with your pool!

For our tips on how to design a home with your pool in mind, too, take a look at today’s blog.

Keep proximity in mind

Even if you have an especially large property, it can be helpful to keep your pool close to your home (as opposed to hundreds of feet away). This choice is so conventional because it’s practical—it gives you a chance to keep an eye on the pool to ensure that no pets or young kids are sneaking in, and can make outdoor entertaining even easier, since your kitchen won’t be far from your poolside living space.

Open up your home to pool day fun

You can also consider your outdoor entertaining needs while you design your home. Do you want a large, covered patio to give swimmers a chance to dry off and enjoy some post-swim downtime? If outdoor meals are on the menu, you might consider adding a pass-through window to connect your patio to your kitchen—that will make it easier than ever to blend delicious foods with a great dining atmosphere. Be sure to include easily accessible doors where guests can come and go between your home and its outdoor entertaining space (French or sliding glass doors are two great options!).

Keep bathrooms and other helpful features nearby

Many homeowners find that it is helpful to have a bathroom (either fall or half-sized) right near the pool, accessed via an exterior door. This is a naturally great choice, since it will give you, your family and friends the chance to dry off and change clothes without tracking water throughout your home. Other amenities to consider around your pool might be an outdoor shower or a fire pit that can help guests warm up after a swim.

Showcase splendid poolside views

Once you decide to include a beautiful backyard pool in your home design, don’t forget to show it off! The windows that overlook your pool should let the light in and showcase the splendid water views.

With Platinum Builders, there’s no limit to the luxury features and truly one-of-a-kind customization we can put into your new home. Browse through our website or give us a call today to see just how perfect your home-pool combination can truly be.

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