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Bringing Back the Bahamas: Platinum’s Tips for Island-Inspired Décor

Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 10:49AM

Bringing Back the Bahamas: Platinum’s Tips for Island-Inspired Décor

Can’t get enough of your spring break vacation? Long after the journey home is over, and the tan lines fade away, there are ways to commemorate your trip.

One of our favorites? Surrounding yourself with décor inspired by your destination.

Today, hop aboard as we explore one such destination—the beautiful Bahamas—and the lux, colorful ways it can inspire your home décor. Just read on.

Straw style

One of the most recognizable features of the Bahamas’ art and design, is straw—and lots of it. While straw is associated with many islands (you’ll often find it used in thatched roofs of tiki bars and other outdoor entertainment spots), it’s especially prevalent here. The islands are even home to the popular Nassau Straw Market, where the material features heavily in arts, crafts, and artisanal finds.

So—how do you incorporate it into your own space? Straw wall hangings are an easy way to start! Use them to add a fun, island-inspired flourish to otherwise neutral walls. You can also use decorative straw bowls to keep on the floor and store cozy essentials like blankets and linens.

Make way for water

The Bahamas are, of course, surrounded by water—and not just any water. The pristine Atlantic agua that surrounds the islands is, often, especially bright and photo-worthy. (If you spent spring break there, of course, you probably have the pictures to prove it!)

Capture the essence of this enviably blue backdrop in your décor, whether by adding a splash of cerulean or turquoise to your kitchen wall, incorporating it as a backsplash, or adding it via blankets, wall hangings and other small but impactful accents.

Colorful charm

Speaking of color… ocean blue’s not the only one you’ll find in the Bahamas! You might think that all colors inspired by the Bahamas are blue, beige and beachy keen—but look again. There’s an even greater variety than you might expect to find. Take, for example, the multicolored pastel homes in pinks, yellows and baby blues that can be found throughout the island, in the form of quaint colonially-inspired styles.

Of course, there’s also the pretty pastel pink of the Bahamas’ Pink Sand Beach, which boasts a gorgeous powder-pink color perfect for pairing with teals and other blues in your home.

Embrace outdoor living

Above all, the Bahamas embrace outdoor living—and in an environment like that, who wouldn’t? You can keep up with the trend at home by cultivating a charming outdoor space—your patio, terrace or poolside kitchen that can be dressed up in Bahamian colors and textures for a breezy, tropical effect.

A few simple steps can lead to a true Bahamian paradise—a de-facto souvenir of your spring vacation that won’t fade or dwindle with time. We hope that today’s blog helps you deck out your space in touches of travel and the great, tropical vistas that abound just beyond Florida’s shores.

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