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Bring Island Style into Your Custom Home

Fri, Jun 14, 2019 at 4:43PM

Bring Island Style into Your Custom Home

Summertime in Florida brings out the islander in all of us and there’s no reason that you can’t extend this state of mind into your home’s décor. By creating a laid-back island style oasis, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation every day.

Tropical color tones, natural coastal elements and authentic island culture are all great additions to your custom home. Simply read on to discover how to incorporate island décor into your home just in time for summer.

Incorporate Culture

Island life has a culture of its own which is important to keep in mind. It’s not all palm trees, waves and sunshine. Island life is a state of mind. Care-free, breezy, and soft all come to mind when exploring the culture behind island style. Keep this in mind as you choose furniture and décor elements for your home. Effortless, natural pieces will fit the aesthetic best. The décor you choose should radiate a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Tropical Colors

When choosing a color palette for your island style home, don’t go crazy with the many pastels that may fit the description. Instead, pick one or two vibrant tropical colors to be your accents, otherwise stick to natural neutral shades. By choosing to not overwhelm your space with color, you’re allowing your chosen tropical accents to steal the show without appearing overdone.

With that being said, you can choose a tropical color for your walls, but be sure to already have your furniture and décor pieces in mind. Stick to light blues, sand, or simple white shades for your walls. This way your vibrant décor pieces can stand out on their own without being overshadowed.

Natural Elements

Island style is all about living off the land and that means lots of wood, sand and palms. Incorporate these textures into your space with flooring, décor and lighting. Choose light, weathered flooring that pairs nicely with vibrant tropical colors. Opt for hardwood or vinyl flooring complete with a luxurious rug. Natural bamboo, rattan or wicker rugs are the best option to add natural texture to the space.

When choosing furniture for your space it is important to nail the island look since they’ll be the most prominent pieces in the room. Choose wood, wicker or bamboo furniture or find white slip covers for your couch to keep the light flowing. When choosing color or patterns, it’s wise to avoid anything that doesn’t look it came from the islands, so nothing that doesn’t look natural. If you’re still unsure how to island style furniture right, bring your outdoor furniture in. Nothing says island life like outdoor wooden or wicker chairs with luxurious white cushions.

As you search for the perfect light fixtures and ceiling fans, look for natural colors and materials. Lamps made from driftwood with creamy white shades will go perfectly with any color palette. Shaded bamboo floor lamps add the perfect amount of island ambience. Rattan or boat propeller inspired ceiling fans add an excellent touch of resort living.

Top it Off

To really bring your island style full-circle, top it off with the perfect décor details. Islanders love pottery and planters, so adding a multitude of shapes and sizes to your home will instantly up your island feel. Keep them as simple décor pieces or, better yet, fill them with gorgeous tropical blooms or palms. If growing indoor plants isn’t really your thing, opt for fake palms and flowers.

Really bring the outdoors in when it comes to your finishing touches. This means seashells, beachcomber finds, sea glass, stones and more are all great ways to keep the natural flora of the islands in your home. Lastly, frame your best island-inspired paintings, prints or photographs to tie the entire space together. You’ll be vacationing at home in no time!

That joyful summertime feeling will never end when your home features all of the details you love most. The first step to getting your dream home is to partner with reliable custom home builders who can carefully craft a quality residence according to your exact specifications.

For more than 25 years, Platinum Builders has created dreamy Central Florida custom homes. During that time we have built a solid reputation as stand-out general contractors in New Smyrna Beach. Contact us today to get started on a high-quality custom home that will have you feeling like you’re on vacation all year long.

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