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Amazing Archways: Embracing Classic Tradition

Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 9:00AM

Amazing Archways: Embracing Classic Tradition

From Ancient Mesopotamia to the Roman Empire to your custom home, there’s a reason why elegant archways have stood the test of time: their effortless charm knows no bounds.

Whether you admire their ability to round out your space, or simply love the smooth, classic touch, archways have the ability to dress up your home in a big way.

Read on to learn more about archways—and see just why we love them.

A functional fashion

Long before they were featured in design and architectural magazines, arches were a mainstay of many of the world’s oldest civilizations. Why? Because they worked!

As functional as they are appealing to the eye, arches gained favor in Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome and beyond partially because they could withstand greater loads. Instead of the weight on top of a straight beam pushing down and potentially splitting it in two, the weight on top of an arch would sit in a way that pushed the separate parts, or “voussoirs,” of the arch together—making the structure that much sturdier.

This functionality helped put arches on the architectural map. They became instantly recognizable—and beloved—after being used in ancient buildings and structures like the famous Roman Aqueduct. As a result, it’s hard not to see an arch or archway and feel like you’re in the presence of something truly timeless, stately and stylish.

Section off spaces in style

Not every separate space in your home needs a door—you want to preserve some sense of flow, after all. To visually differentiate individual spots (like your dining room, bar area or den) without closing them off entirely, you can take advantage of arched entryways. They add an elegant flourish without being overbearing.

Create visual interest

Of course, arches can be decorative features, too! An arch-shaped alcove or wall indentation can house your favorite photos or knick-knacks, adding visual depth and dimension to your space. Paint it a color that complements the rest of your paint scheme—think white against navy blue walls, or beige against darker brown.

Let the light in

Looking to let some light in? Arched windows (or even pairs of French doors, with an arched upper half) can help you embrace the sunlight in a unique way.

Soften sharp corners

From your front entryway to interior hallways, archways can help soften up traditionally sharp-edged spaces. They pair well with traditional décor schemes that embrace fluidity as opposed to more modern, rigid setups. Whether you want to create a cozy cottage feel, or embrace the Mediterranean old-world style, arches can help you achieve it with ease.

Adoring your custom space with gorgeous, timelessly stylish archways is easy when building a custom home with Platinum! Let your design team know what you want, and we’ll work to make it happen.

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