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Adding Flair with French Doors

Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 12:25PM

Adding Flair with French Doors

Few design elements say “traditional charm” quite like a neat pair of French doors.

But interestingly enough, this emblem of tradition has long been making its way into even the most modern, cutting-edge of homes. See what makes French doors so irresistibly versatile in today’s blog!

They work when you expect them to…

If the traditional style is right up your sleeve, you can’t go wrong with a set (or more) of French doors to beautify your space and provide seamless entry from indoors to out. They let in a warm flood of light, instantly brightening any kitchen breakfast nook, bedroom or living space, and can be dressed with shades or blinds to customize the light you let in.

… and where you don’t

Like we mentioned before, French doors can be traditional… but that’s not the only way to work them into your space! In fact, they can help to balance out a more modern setting such as a minimalist kitchen or bedroom. When it comes to design, nothing evokes a “wow” reaction quite like something unexpected, so feel free to use the classic charm of French doors in less-than-classic ways.

They blend privacy with an ethereal feel

French doors can offer you all the privacy you want or need, especially since they can feature curtains that you can draw whenever you please. But when you want to open up your home, they let you do just that, allowing you to enjoy an airy, ethereal atmosphere even when your doors are closed.

They showcase your best views

When you want to make the most of a beautiful waterfront view, or another great vista worth showcasing, opt for French doors. The wide, glass style of these doors gives you a chance to admire the outdoors even when you’re busy inside.

They’re not just for outdoor access

Finally, don’t feel the need to use your French doors strictly for indoor-outdoor access. They can also be used to separate small nooks like a den or home office from the rest of your space, offering separation when you need it without making you feel closed off from your home altogether.

If you’re interested in dressing up your custom home with a pair of French doors, be sure to let us know! You can’t go wrong with a design feature that’s as functional as it is elegant.

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