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A Surf-Inspired Home in New Smyrna Beach

Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 2:58PM

A Surf-Inspired Home in New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach is one of Florida’s most desirable surf destinations. One of the best in the country, in fact! So if you’re passionate about this sport, or simply love the calming feel of the ocean, why not embrace it in your home?

Take a look at today’s blog for a few easy ways to design and decorate a home that’s inspired by the spirit of the surf!

An open, inviting layout

Imagine how you feel when you hit the shore at New Smyrna Beach or your favorite coastal destination. While everyday life (in our cars, offices, etc.) can have us feeling pretty constrained, the ocean is anything but. It feels open, like a breath of fresh air and a chance to relax amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

It’s an invariably great feeling. So why not replicate it in your home? Start by designing an open, inviting layout. You won’t have much trouble doing that—it’s a popular style of the times, anyway!

Having a great room, or a kitchen that opens up into your main living space, is an excellent way to achieve a feeling of unity and openness in your home.

Light, airy colors

You might also find inspiration in the color palette of the ocean. If you like that pleasing mix of warm, sandy neutrals juxtaposed with vivid blues and teals, use these colors to guide your paint and décor choices.

Feeling the breeze

Large windows and French doors are great ways to let in light and, when you want it, a gentle breeze. Dress up these windows with light, sheer curtains so that you can more easily mirror the easy winds on the ocean itself.

Textures that mesh

Whitewashed wood floors, linen sofas, and chunky, open-knit or mesh blankets draped on top all speak to a sense of carefree fun on and off the water.

Oceanic accents

While surf and ocean design isn’t always meant to be taken literally, there’s something fun about introducing ocean-inspired accents in your home. From bowls of seashells you’ve collected through the years, to anchor wall hangings and beach-themed bathrooms, these small touches can make you feel right at home.

Effortless design

Surfing sure takes skill—but it’s also a pretty simple and straightforward sport, too. Shouldn’t your home feel the same way? An ocean-inspired space might take a simpler, more minimalist route in capturing the laidback nature of the waves.

Surfer practicalities

Of course, if you’re actually passionate about surfing, you may choose to make your home conducive to your favorite pastime! This might mean designing a garage that’s big, neat, and able to hold your board and other water gear. Spacious bathrooms and a good laundry room are also musts if you spend lots of time changing in and out of your suit for fun on the water.

Looking for more custom ways to integrate your love of surfing into your home? Let’s talk! As your custom home builder, we can find ways to turn that inspiration into real, tangible home touches you are sure to love.

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