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A Moonlight Marvel with the Marine Discovery Center

Fri, Jan 19, 2018 at 3:25PM

A Moonlight Marvel with the Marine Discovery Center

Warm, balmy weather and vivid colors fading into night over Florida’s most beautiful stretch of shoreline. The Marine Discovery Center’s Full Moon Kayak Tours make paddling through paradise a breeze.

Unparalleled views

In the vivid swirls of sunset, Florida’s skies come alive. To have a front-row seat to the light show above is a truly special experience… and seeing it by kayak makes it all the more memorable.

The Indian River sets the scene for this one-of-a-kind activity. Here, kayakers will find a sort of serene quietude by the mangrove trees, a place where there’s nothing to think about but the natural beauty and the experience ahead.

Even if you’ve never been on a kayak before, you’re in good hands. The gentle nature of the tour, expert guidance and equipment included in your ticket mean it’s a no-fuss trip for all. Just relax and enjoy the ride.

Fun for the full moon

Can’t make it during the full moon? Don’t worry—the Marine Discovery Center offers regular sunset tours for those who want to soak up the serene backdrop. However, there is certainly something special about heading out under the full moon. Since it only happens once a month—12 times a year—you get the feeling that you’re seeing something truly unique, an exquisite show by nature put on for you and your fellow kayakers.

More than just a leisurely ride

Of course, with the Marine Discover Center at the helm of your tour, you know it’s more than just a fun ride through the water. Your guides will enhance the experience with their insights—they will not only teach you how to use a kayak, but let you know what you’re seeing all around you, too. The experience pairs hands-on instruction with a beautiful backdrop that’s sure to rival even your favorite childhood classroom. You get to feel like you’re trekking on an exotic on-the-water safari, without ever venturing far from home.

There’s no better way to take advantage of Florida’s gorgeous winter weather than with a kayak tour with the family. Visit to learn more, and to find coupons for your next visit!

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