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A Home with Personality

Sun, May 14, 2017 at 1:35PM

A Home with Personality

Your clothes say it. Your words say it. And, yes, even your home can say it--who you are, that is!

While we all want to make our homes look good, we don't always think of our surroundings as reflections of personality. But look a little closer and you'll see: your home is one of the best ways to showcase the unique style, spirit, and feel that makes you, you.

In today's blog, we're exploring just a few of the ways your home can convey your personality and that of your family--without you ever needing to utter a word. Take a look.

What's on the walls?

A quick clue to any homeowner's personality lies in the photos, paintings, and decorations that adorn their walls. If you're a sentimental person--or simply someone who's got lots of memories to capture--there's probably an abundance of photos and maybe even a shadow box or two commemorating a special trip. Unique, abstract artwork of course points to your personal flair and love of all things bold.

Even the absence of lots of wall art suggests a laidback, minimalist personality: that of someone who keeps it simple (and maybe has a digital photo frame somewhere!).

Focus on the big features

Personality is also conveyed through the presence of specific, key features. When designing your home, if you have a passion for cooking or entertaining, that aspect of your personality comes out in the size and grandeur of the kitchen you design. If outdoor fun in the sun is more your style, you're probably used to spending lots of time finding the perfect patio furniture, landscape features, and outdoor entertainment.

Pops of color

Nowadays, lots of homeowners choose to keep their walls painted in simple neutrals--but that doesn't mean they're boring! Instead, they choose to spring for pops of color in the form of accent walls, furniture, and statement pieces that truly "wow."

What do your own color choice say about you? Do glimpses of bold, tropical blues stand out and point to a love of a laidback, coastal lifestyle? Or can you not help but embrace the fun whimsy of pinks, yellows and purples even in more serious, toned-down spaces? It's definitely fun to think about!

How does your home speak to your unique personality? Let us know in the comments or, better yet, come in today to see the design options that can help you best convey it. We look forward to working with you soon!

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