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A Collector’s Custom Dream Home

Sun, Sep 10, 2017 at 1:15AM

A Collector’s Custom Dream Home

Whether it’s coins, caps, or bright rubber ducks, collecting is a pastime of a great many homeowners. As you design your custom space, why not include some room for your own collection?

In today’s blog, we’ll be sharing a few simple ways to design a home that can house your collection… and keep up with it as it grows! Take a look.

Added space

First and foremost, collectors are probably interested in building a home that has some extra space (whether that comes in the form of spare bedrooms, larger living spaces, or even oversized hallways that can double as displays for your favorite pieces of artwork). Having that spare square footage means that you’re always prepared to showcase your collection—even as it keeps on growing!

Built-in displays

You don’t need to worry about picking out shelves and cabinetry to showcase your China collection or array of model cars—from the start, as you design your custom home, you can frame your collection with the built-in unit that’s best suited to show it off. For those who want to display a busy collection of small, fragile figurines, shallow built-in shelves with glass casing might work best. On the other hand, if you love to collect sculptures from around the world, wider surfaces that extend around the perimeter of a room might work best.

Special considerations

If your collection has any special considerations (like a need to be out of direct sunlight, or in the coldest part of the house), then you can easily work those needs into the layout of your home.

Room to grow

A great part about building your home with your collection in mind? Doing so provides you with room and a foundation for growth, even if you decide to use that spare space for other things down the line. After all, who couldn’t use more shelving or a spare bedroom or two? Just like your collection, your needs may change with time—but rest assured that your home will be prepared to handle it all.

Whatever your passion may be, your custom Platinum home gives you the chance to show it off in style! We hope that these ideas help you find ways to do just that.

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